Pomegranate and his benefits for the skin

Pomegranate is known for its beneficial action, its extract can be used both as an antioxidant and as a skin regenerant. In fact, often the pomegranate is used to create products that cure irritated skin, or improve the condition of mature skin.

Pomegranate: properties in the aesthetic field

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The pomegranate extract is obtained from its seeds. The juice contained in pomegranate seeds is rich in punic acid, this is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that has an anti-inflammatory action. Not only in its juice can you find the phytosterols that have an antioxidant and regenerating action. For this reason, often the pomegranate is an ingredient used in the aesthetic field to improve the condition of the skin and to make face masks.

Using a pomegranate vegan mask allows an antioxidant to be applied to the face. In this way it is possible to counteract the formation of free radicals, it is possible to fight the damages caused by UV rays from the sun, but also those due to stress or exposure to pollution. The pomegranate is therefore an anti-aging remedy that allows to prevent the signs of aging, the appearance of dark spots, and the formation of wrinkles.

A Pomegranate Mask like that of 7 Heaven, contains inside the extract of this fruit, also ideal to contrast the bags under the eyes and the black signs that appear in conditions of fatigue and stress.

How to use pomegranate extract for natural remedies

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The pomegranate extract sold in pharmacies or in herbal medicine is able to offer different combinations ideal for the beauty of the body. With pomegranate extract and natural oils or vegetable butters like Shea butter it is possible to make: massage oils or regenerating body creams.

The pomegranate extract contains all the properties of the fruit, for this reason it can be used, for example, together with shea butter to create a cream with a calming power. For example, mixing twenty drops of pomegranate oil to 50 gr. of shea butter you can get a cream that eliminates the problems of irritation, sunburn and redness.

This combination is perfect for the summer, when redness and redness are more frequent. Pomegranate extract can also be used in case you want to have an anti-age cream and improve the beauty of the skin of the body. In this case it is possible to use Rosa Mosqueta oil and pomegranate extract. Together these two ingredients are able to improve the state of the skin of the body making it more toned and smooth.

Pomegranate extract can also be used for hair health, in this case it is possible to combine coconut oil together with pomegranate extract. The two if they are applied on the tips and on the length of the hair are able to make the hair softer and less brittle. Moreover, leaving the product to act for at least thirty minutes, the hair will be able to regenerate, especially if it has suffered traumas that cause it to break easily.