Protect your skin in the summer: what to avoid and do to enjoy the sun

During the summer we all want to have a protected skin but also bright and tanned. The first sun is often the most dangerous because it is likely to burn, the skin may become dry, or the first sunspots may appear.

Using tanning compounds rich in chemical compounds is absolutely not good for your skin and certainly does not allow you to make your skin more beautiful and healthy. So it is necessary to prepare the skin to welcome the sun with products that nourish it thoroughly and make it more beautiful and hydrated. Moreover, if you go to the beach it is advisable to use a cream that protects completely natural skin.

What are the mistakes to avoid during the summer?

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One of the mistakes that are frequently made is to underestimate the impact that UV rays can have on the skin. This leads to making the skin subject even to the years of the seasonal sun, and to the trauma that can create a sudden exposure to the sun. So the first thing to do when comes the summer season is to protect the skin with moisturizing and soothing creams that nourish and protect it from the summer sun.

The first thing you should avoid doing in the city with a wrong clothing that attracts the sun’s rays. Avoid dark colors, and try to dress in light and cotton clothes. Even the eyes must be protected during the summer, we must avoid squeezing them, otherwise, we risk the legs of hens on the eyes. For this reason, we recommend always wearing glasses, which protect you from the sun.

Hydration is very important, drinking frequently, eating fruit and vegetables can be trivial advice, but essential to keep the skin healthy and protected from dryness due to exposure to the sun.

Making the skin ready to welcome the sun

Risultati immagini per estate pelle

In order to make the skin ready to receive the sun’s rays, it is advisable to get rid of the winter dry skin with a natural scrub. To make a natural scrub we recommend the exfoliating cream of Etré Belle, Ongkara, ideal to make the skin clean and ready to tan.

During the summer you have to make your skin always nourished and protected before going out, so you have to provide after an applying a natural body cream shower. For example, you can choose legs and feet body cream with Flora’s Shea Butter. Shea butter is able to protect the skin from the sun, but also to nourish it, improve its brightness and softness.

Also, the eye contour is very important during the summer season, for this reason, you have to protect it with a specific and cruelty free product such as the roll on Skin Caviar eyes by Etré Belle.

Finally, a valuable product during the summer is those based on hyaluronic acid. These manage to stimulate elastin and collagen and make the skin healthier, younger and more elastic. We recommend the foam of Etré Belle, with hyaluronic acid to be applied in the morning to make the skin protected from excessive heat and the loss of moisture that often occurs during the