Puro Bio Cosmetics

Makeup and beauty products Vegan OK

Puro BIO Cosmetics is a young and completely Made in Italy cosmetics company, since 2014, its team has decided to produce completely natural and organic cosmetics and beauty products. All of its ingredients have not been tested on animals, and this company has also obtained several certifications such as CCPB, NATRUE, Vegan Ok certification, and is dermatologically tested for those who are allergic to Nickel.

The brand seeks to use the most natural and pure ingredients, creating the perfect cosmetics for their make-up. All the products made by this company are designed and designed to make your skin even cooler and cooler without weighing it up, as do the classic make-up that contain heavy chemicals and heavy metals.

To provide this great quality BIO and completely Vegan Puro Bio Cosmetics seeks to innovate over time to stand out to the best and to give professional products that do not harm the skin.

Puro Bio Cosmetics lines Vegan Ok

The lines of Puro Bio Cosmetics are ideal for designing and completing your own make-up, both daily and special occasions.

The lines of cosmetics proposed are:

The Face Line: In the facial line of this completely natural company, there are several make-up products: The fluid foundation for all skin shades, BB Cream for lightweight and nourishing facial cover and fluid corrector To hide the dark circles.

In the facial line there are also four types of powdered blush, the colors fit to all types of skin we find: Satin Rose, Matte Pink Coral, Satin Fishing and finally Matte Brick. Finally, there are also the Correctors, the Primer the Ciprie and the perfect lands for defining the entire base of the face.

Puro Bio Eye Line: Within this line you will find all colored pencils and earth colors ideal for eye makeup. Here are also eyeliner, eyeshadows and Mascara completely Vegan and Bio, these are definitely among the most difficult products to find vegans, thanks to Pure Bio, but they will be able to complement their natural makeup.

Puro Bio Lips Line: In the lips line, there is a wide selection of lipsticks from different shades, from red to pink and sand. In addition to lipsticks, lip pencils, various lip liners and some lip balm are also offered.
Finally, we find the accessories line, which offers a wide range of ideal tattoo products, using natural products and brushes that are not of animal origin.

The Vegan Makeup of Puro Bio Cosmetics are certainly among the most complete on the Italian market, thanks to its products all the vegan lovers of make-up will be able to create their makeup from the base to the smallest detail. By using these beauty products, you do not only respect animals or the environment but also your own skin.