The line of “feminist” and cruelty free cosmetics

Cosmetics are able to improve a woman’s appearance, to make her feel comfortable with her beauty and with her being. However, Realher does not want to provide a line of products that can make beauty a stereotype unattainable. The purpose is to provide women with an instrument that allows each of them to feel proud of her individuality of her faults and peculiarities.

Realher’s mission is to give women products of good quality that can be used daily and that can also increase the confidence and well-being of all those who use them. The brand wants to get away from the ranks of the perfect woman and wants to increase instead the value of the uniqueness of each of them.

Realher’s creator and founder, Bill Xiang, has realized how women struggle every day against a community that wants them all cured and perfect, dressed in the same way as a doll.

Since Bill has become the father of a beautiful little girl, he has tried to fight against this ideology and created Realher. The company wants to give all women the opportunity to express themselves through the makeup, enhancing their identity and not trying to emulate models and women of the show.

Realher: against animal cruelty

Realher, besides being involved in the fight against gender identity and trying to make the best of each woman’s beauty, has also decided to create products that do not contain any animal tested ingredients. Every ingredient used to make the makeup and cosmetics of this company is natural, in fact, all Realher products are also created without sulphates or parabens.

Bill Xiang, has chosen to produce cosmetics that not only do not damage the skin, but at the same time they can not carry animal tests. For this reason, the company has the Leaping Bunny brand, an international certificate confirming that the product did not carry animal tests.

Thanks to Realher, all women who will try these products will not only have a product that can keep their skin healthy and beautiful, but will also be sure to use 100% Cruelty Free cosmetics. If you want to get deep about cruelty free cosmetics, I’ve talked about it here.

Realher’s products for women’s and animal rights

Realher offers high quality, cruelty free cosmetics made with completely natural ingredients. Among its lively lines you can find:

  • Satin lipstick and mat
  • Lip Liner of different colors
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Make-up kit
  • Lip Gloss
  • Make Up Tools (brushes, blending buds etc …)

All the products realized by Realher, besides supporting the animal and the environmental cause, also supports women.

In fact, with 20% of the profit from each cosmetic, Realher has created a fund at the American Association for Women’s Studies.

This is a non-profit organization that promotes women’s self-determination, actualization and empowerment through various leadership, education and research programs. Realher is one of the cosmetic companies that has chosen to use its products not only to make women more beautiful, but also to make the world in which we live is more beautiful.