Red Clay: properties and benefits for skin

The red clay is a natural ingredient that can be used to take care of skin and hair. This ingredient is widely used to make the skin free from impurities and toxins. To reduce the redness, narrow pores, and make the skin more luminous a red clay mask could be the ideal solution. But what are the red clay effects on the skin? Let’s find out together!

Red clay effects on dry skin

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The red clay and masks created with this ingredient are ideal to make dry skin more nourished and free from dead cells that remain on the face due to poor hydration. If you use the natural red clay you could also mix other ingredients such as almond oil, musk rose oil, or with avocado pulp.

Red clay against wrinkles

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The red clay and masks that have it as a main ingredient are also ideal to be able to fight wrinkles or at least to prevent them. To increase the nutritional effect of this mask is possible to combine this with using the vitamin-based products. Vitamins are necessary to keep the skin nourished and rich in micronutrients, needed to prevent diseases, especially an accumulation of free radicals.

What are the red clay properties?

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The red clay is rich in positive properties thanks to its high content of iron compounds and other minerals. The mineral salts contained within red clay are mainly sodium, calcium, magnesium and silica. The red clay instead presents for the high iron compounds content, which have a positive effect on the skin and allow it to keep it younger and more toned.

The red clay is used primarily to regenerate skin texture and promotes the renewal of skin cells, this is possible thanks to the high content of iron oxides that help repair damaged skin.

In addition to improving skin texture, it tightens the red clay, making it stronger, improves the condition of the capillaries and is even able to absorb faster bruises, varicose veins and stretch marks.

Red clay as it is used and how it works?

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The red clay is perfect for combating and eliminating impurities that are found on the skin. Using a basis of self-heating red clay mask is possible to eliminate all the toxins that can act negatively on the skin and on its youth.

A clay mask to be used at most once a week, and it is recommended to perform it after a shower or bath after a restful. This is the best way to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of red clay mask. Also, before applying the mask you will need to rest a hot towel on your face and let all the pores are opened in this way the components of red clay mask, can penetrate better into the skin of the face.

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