Rough hands: how to protect them and make them healthy and beautiful

The rough, dry and chapped hands are a problem, especially if you do not want to have rough and wrinkled skin, this pulls, hurts and itches. When the hands experience these problems, they are often ashamed to show them in public.

Rough hands age the appearance of a woman, also for this reason we recommend taking care of these every day. But why do hands become rough? There are several reasons that cause rough and chapped hands such as: UV rays, urban smog, or the use of products that attack the skin.

Furthermore, skin aging is often caused by an excess of free radicals due to cigarette smoke, alcohol and a bad diet, as well as to different atmospheric effects.

Finally, even the use of detergents that contain chemicals may cause them to irritate the skin. So you should always use gloves that protect your hands during cleaning operations.

How to have beautiful and well-groomed hands: some tips

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In order to have beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hands and above all to prevent roughness and chapping, it is advisable to avoid certain harmful behaviors for their health.

One of the first things to do in order to make your hands soft and well-groomed is necessary to hydrate them daily. To promote hydration, the first thing to do is to drink constantly but this is not enough, you must also moisturize the skin with creams and massages that make the skin return soft and silky.

Among the best creams for hands, we find those based on natural and cruelty free products, such as: cream OLEA hand and nails with olive oil.

In addition to hydration, there are also other good habits that can help make your hands softer and softer. The first thing is to avoid using products and hand creams that contain many chemical elements. You have to choose the most possible biological creams, natural, such as cruelty free and vegan.

In particular, it is advisable to avoid some very harmful chemical compounds for the skin such as parabens, paraffin, petrolatum and silicones.

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Of course, it is also recommended to avoid the bad habits that can make the skin dry, such as:

  • cigarette smoking
  • alcohol
  • detergents

Finally, it is recommended to always follow a balanced diet, unfortunately, a life unbalanced is one of the main problems rough hands. Sometimes, even some medicines make the skin of the hands dry, in these cases, you should pay more attention to their hydration to avoid the effects of medicines.

Natural remedies for rough hands

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If you have rough hands it is advisable to also use some natural products that can guarantee a remedy against excessive roughness.

When you have chapped and reddened hands, it is advisable to use natural products such as:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • shea butter
  • coconut oil
  • butter
  • sweet almond oil.

All these natural compounds regularly applied on hands, help to keep them healthier and less rough.