The best cosmetics for eye make-up Vegan

The eyes are the part of our most expressive face,when you are ready to go out in the evening and to go party in addition to choosing the right outfit, there is also the choice of the perfect make-up for our eyes. The eye makeup is very versatile and just change color or pencilfrom one day look you can go directly to that evening. The rules of beauty and make-up,apply to all women even for those attentive to the environment and health of the animals and therefore only want to use make-up products Vegan eyes. Let’s find out what are the best for the day and which ones make-up eyes vegan evening.

What cosmetics can not miss the eye makeup from Day

By now there are trade many cosmetics makeup Vegan eyes, that you can really range from colors mostly suitable daily and calves instead recommended for an evening look. Let’s see what colors and what vegan cosmetics are ideal for creating your own from day eye makeup:

Veggy Veg Up Palette

Eye shadow is what gives color to the eyelid and causes the eye stand out, make-up day eyes, we recommend a beautiful  palette colorcreated by Veg Up,eye shadows contained in Veggy palette, are all extra pigment and allow a perfect eyelid coverage as well as a long-lasting style, colors contents are different and fit both a day look than to the evening. Among the main ingredients of these eye shadows they are: rhodiola extract, organic apricot oil, corn extract bio and other ingredients organic and natural.

Steel Gray Vegan Volume Benecos

To have a day make-up, not too heavy  like mascara mascara we recommend Vegan Volume “Steel Gray” by Benecos. This mascara allows you to have long lashes and defined with vitamin E contained in the product the eye lashes are nourished and strengthened throughout the day. The color is a perfect dark gray for every occasion morning.

Eye Pencil Natur Plus

Natur Plus offers different shades of eye pencils, unless you want to use the day black pencil, you can opt for a green or a brown or gray depending on your eye color and your skin color .

Makeup Eyes Vegan Evening

For eye make-up Vegan evening,we opt instead for some make-up and color flashier:

Eye Shadow Veg-Up

While the base of themakeup eyeyou can still use the palette of colors that we proposed for makeup day, to create an effect smooky eyes or to give brightness to the eye, for the evening we recommend Eye Shadow Veg-Up, brilliant color pigments and sealed long, also ideal for long nights.

Vegan Black Glamor Mascara Ultra Intense Look Benacos

If you want to make your eyes the real stars of the evening then you must try the mascara Vegan ultra black intense volume of Benacos. A mascara specially formulated to make your lashes and clearly visible.

Eyeliner Pure 100%

Finally, to complete the eye makeup Veganevening,you have to choose an eyeliner with a good texture and waterproof as liquid eyeliner proposed byline. Pure 100%