The best facial masks Vegan and Cruelty free

Among the best masks on the global market, there are lots of brands that unfortunately do not have a Leaping Bunny certification, nor are they recognized by Vegan OK or LAV. All of these masks will probably be the best because they are daughters of brand names with high-quality names but they use animal derived products or have animal tested ingredients.

Despite this, it does not mean that there are no good facial masks that are Vegan and Cruelty free and can also be used by those who want to respect animals and nature. For this reason we want to propose some of the best natural face masks and certified as vegan and cruelty free.

What are the best certified facial masks available in Italy

Lately, even on the Italian landscape you can really find many products that are ideal for the care of face and beauty, so even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and devoted to love for animals, know that there are plenty of face masks, Which not only do good to the skin, but contain mainly natural and untested animal ingredients.

Weleda Skin Nutrition Skin Cream

The first facial mask we want to offer you and the Weleda Skin Nutrient Skin Cream, this cream is ideal for all areas of the body, but if left to stand for a night, you can finally see a smooth skin Honed, without any sign of dryness. This cream is in fact ideal for dry or rough skin. Weleda’s Nutritious Cream is Cruelty free but it is not Vegan because it contains Lanolin.

Bottle Green: Clay and Mandarin Mask

Instead, Vegan’s face mask is sold by Bottega Verde in its catalog dedicated exclusively to vegan products, this is the Purifying Mask of Argilla and Mandarin. This mask is perfect for those who want to improve the condition of their oily skin or for those who have a mixed skin. The effect of its ingredients on the skin is astringent and also have a sebum-rebalancing effect.

Lenifying Face Gel and Body of Omia Laboratoires

Made with pure pure aloe from certified organic farming fields, Gel made from OMIA can also be used by vegans. This has a nutritional power on the face and body, allowing it to have a softer and brighter skin and is also ideal for those who have a delicate skin.

Lush Ayesha Mask

Lush’s Ayesha Face Mask is just cruelty free but it is not suitable for vegans because it contains honey as its main ingredient and is then combined with the freshness of kiwi and asparagus combined together with a dough made with the ‘ Smectic clay. This face mask is firm and illuminating, and is able to make the skin less greasy or impure, making it more beautiful and toned.