The Best Gifts Vegan and Cruelty Free to put Under the Tree

Christmas is coming and what better gifts? It’s so nice to see the packages under the Christmas tree, find out what’s inside them. It’s great fun to buy beauty products and wellness to all the friends and people we love. We then discover which are the best gifts for Christmas Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Bubble bath cruelty free and vegan

Maybe it sounds strange but the shower gel and cruelty free Vegan are by no means trivial idea. These can be purchased online or in specialty stores. They often have special packaging and of course environmentally friendly.

Among the best we announce the bubble bath of Spring Nature Aloe and Calendula, the 9.90 euro price online.

Organic Tea Tree Body Wash: This shower gel is for sale online at the price of 10,13 euro.

Bioearth Shampoo Shower: This product softens the skin and makes it more beautiful and nourished, with only vegan products. The price for this is 9.50 €  online.

Natural and Cruelty free Enamels

There are so many on the market but most do not have the right features for a vegan and cruelty free gift.

The choice of colors of vegans Zoya nail meet even the most demanding needs of vegans. This brand was born in 1986, he was one of the first to create enamels, completely cruelty free and vegan formaldehyde.

If you want to give a glaze with soft colors with strengthening effect, then you should opt for Lepo enamels. These are made of algae-based and do not contain formaldehyde or parabens or toluene.

Finally, among the enamels perfect to give away at Christmas there are those made by Urban Decay, the company has created a line of completely vegan enamel Limited Edition. These are sold in four different colors, shiny and colorful.

Make up Vegan

Finally, among the vegan products that you can buy to make a Christmas present there are cosmetics. I for make-up products are always appreciated. Even if you are vegan you want certainly not give up being beautiful, with products. all-natural

The Make up Vegan provides different from those cosmetics for the face to those for make-up of the lips and eyes. You can choose the fun, colorful and great to make a tasty gift. The best are:

The Red Lipstick Juliet Orange with Mango and Castor made by Antos. The price of this lipstick is 7.50 euro.

Eyeshadow in wafer Hero: These occur in various colors, they are in powder form and completely vegans, these have a bright satin finish and are enriched with vitamins. These eye shadows made by Snow Cosmetics, the price is equal to EUR 5.78.

Mascara Adorable- Deep Ocean: The Adorable mascara Benecos, is completely vegan and promises a plumping and nourishing effect, thanks to its ingredients made from Salvia Kale and Avocado. The price of this mascara is 5.90 euro.