The best hair dyes Cruelty free and Vegan

Tingling your hair can be a necessity due to the appearance of the first white hair or a desire to change looks and have a different and more attractive style.

For those who, however, only search for non-tested animal products and vegan ingredients, it may be difficult to rely on the well-known brands commonly sold in GDO supermarkets, even more difficult is finding a hairdresser with Cruelty free hair dyes and Vegan.

But then who wants to have vegan and cruelty free products can not dye your hair?

No, indeed, it is possible to find several brands that produce hair dyes that have these requirements and which have vegan and leaping bunny certifications.


Lush colors for cruelty free hair and Vegan

Risultati immagini per lush cosmetics

The first product to dye your hair in a natural way to consider is the one proposed by Lush. In her hair lines it is possible to find Henné solid panels that can be used to color black, brown, coffee and red hair. The henna used is persian and to make soft hair during the application is also added of cocoa butter and fragrant essential oils. Henna dye is not permanent and lasts about six weeks.

Manic Panic: Colorful vegan tint

If you want to have hair with stylish colors, but do not use animal tested products, then you must absolutely choose the Punk style shades made by Jem & Le Hologram. On their official website you can find glowing neon colors like pink, purple, blue, etc … All the colors of the colors on Manic Panic created by this company are created with Vegan ingredients only. These are semipermanent colors that can last from 8 to 12 weeks after application.

Surya Brasil: from tint to shampoo

Risultati immagini per surya brasil

Surya Brasil is a vegan and cruelty free brand that in addition to producing completely natural hair dyes, also offers a wide selection of shampoo, conditioner, masks and lotions ideal for taking care of your hair. The dyes and henna proposed by Surya Brasil, besides not having tested ingredients or animal origin, are also enriched with Brazilian products such as Brazil’s nut oil emollient and the rich acai of vitamins and minerals that can improve the state of the hair, nourish and replenish it.

Sante Naturkosmetik: natural dye made in Germany

Finally, let’s finish our best hair dye and Vegan with a product from Sante Naturosmetik, a German company that has always used organic products to make all its cosmetics and also offers a vegan line that also includes the colors for her hair approved by Peta. The colors available in Naturkosmetik Colors range from blond to darker and deep colors like black, brown or chocolate. This tint is simple to apply and is semi-permanent, with this you can keep the colors up to six or eight weeks at most.