The Best Nourishing Vegan Masks

The nourishing face masks are designed specifically to make the most beautiful light and soft. A nourishing mask is usually made from vitamins and minerals, plants and essential components to enhance the skin’s condition. The facial skin needs to be treated and it can not be wash only with soap, but you should always choose a cream that allows you to treat it and make it more beautiful. The simple soap destroys the PH of the skin which is why you should always start by using an ideal product to wash your face and then a nourishing mask to make it more beautiful and bright.

Masks nutritious face: what are the best vegan and organic

The face masks are manufactured by many brands of cosmetics, but not all, as you know, contain organic ingredients or vegan. Only a few companies produce products and masks nutrients and organic vegan, let us see what are the best on the market in Italy.

Nourishing Face Mask Antos

Antos Natural Cosmetics produces an excellent face mask made with natural ingredients perfect to rebalance the skin. This nourishing mask is particularly suitable for those who have dry skin and need to revitalize it. The cream can prevent skin aging due to natural ingredients such as beech, vitamin A and Ginseng. Even essential oils present allow you to make this nutritious and perfect mask for your skin’s health. Essential oils are present: Macadamia oil and apricot kernel oil and Jojoba, finally, as an ingredient is the extract of soothing and nourishing calendula. The price of the face mask Antos is about 6.50 per 100 ml of product.

Face mask Beauty Farm Snow Cosmetic

The mask for the face Beauty Farm Cosmetic Snow is made with all-natural ingredients. In addition, its formulation allows it to be used not only as a moisturizing mask but also as a natural make-up remover and nourishing cream. The ingredients in the Beauty Farm Snow Cosmetic cream are able to cleanse the skin and make it brighter. Among the main ingredients are:

  • Grape seed oil which has an antioxidant
  • Almond Oil firming and moisturizing
  • rice oil softening and moisturizing

So Bio Etic  nutritious facial mask

The face mask So Bio Etic is a completely natural and organic mask which it allows to improve the condition of skin and especially provides a composition useful to make a purifying scrub.The cream was made with seaweed boreal dynamized and oxygenating, algae are able to nourish the skin thoroughly and to make it more beautiful and young. His action, as well as making the skin soft and radiant also allows you to protect it from the weather as the cold and smog. Finally, algae are able to act positively on the skin and destroy the toxins that lodge within the skin.