The Cruelty Free most beloved Brands in Italy: what are they?

When we speak of cruelty we can point to dozens of different things, but in the case of cosmetics we indicate in particular animal testing. Not because they are not useful, but because too often are brought forward in a cruel manner, with unnecessary suffering for the little animals that despite their sacrifice for us. And if yet-perhaps you can understand the animal experiments to find a cure for cancer can not accept animal testing to enable us to have a less wrinkled skin or a lipstick “glossy”.

Many Cruelty Free Companies

Therefore cruelty free, at least for cosmetics, we allow ourselves to choose and to ban all those products that are obtained after cruel animal testing. This is the meaning of “cruelty free”. And if we inform you well is not difficult to find what are these products, what they do and especially what are the most common and the best on the market. Many are the Italian companies that produce cosmetics not tested on animals (to name a few Derbe, Helan, Higen, The Erobolario …) and among foreign remind Body Shop, Urban Decay and Jason Natural.

But it must be said that not all companies who say they are “cruelty free” in the end they really are. The controls implemented each year by animal welfare groups and ecologists, according to specified parameters, will save very little. Even L’Oreal who claimed to be “cruelty free” is over between the last because it is actually not quite true.

The Cruelty free cosmetics brands that sell more! What?

So what are the companies that really you can trust and that are on the market with the widest possible dissemination, and the absolute best security? One of which you can trust 100% is definitely Weleda, followed by L’Occitane and Dr.Haushka.

The first is a Swiss organic boasting a long history (since 1921) and is today among the most reliable. Even L’Occitane is a sure mark since founded as a company for the oil distillation of rosemary used in Provence for beauty treatments. Instead, Dr.Haushka follows the old recipes of medicinal herbs, then provides neither animal products or the use of animals for experimentation. The rankings will vary based on associations carrying out the controls, but they are quite reliable.

Among the brands “cruelty free” bestselling there are ELF, Bottega Verde, Helan, Erbolario, Face Detox Depura Vita, Agronauti. Recall that in any case for recognizing a product cruelty free just look at the packaging where it should be reported in writing as “Vegan ok” or “Suitable for vegetarians/ists” (suitable for vegetarians) or “to stop test on animals”, clearly it’s direct.

Many network sites periodically indicating what are the beauty products “not cruel”, the ones you can trust. Among the sites in question to the LAV, Portalebio, Greenme that often promote them first investigations to ensure the quality of these products.