Erbolario. Brand of Make up and Cruelty free Cosmetics

The Erbolario is a 100% Italian brand that was born in Lodi in 1978 as herbal Artisan. Since the early years, the founding family of the brand has always given birth to cosmetics and beauty products with natural ingredients like: aromatic waters, lotions and bath oils of vegetable origin. The Erbolario today is a completely brand free Cruelty but also Eco-Bio.

The Erbolario: Eco-Bio choice for the production

Erbolario in 2002 decided to manage all its products with an Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001, this way could reduce the environmental impact of the production line . Among the solutions aimed at environmental protection, adopted dall’Erbolario include:

  • The decision to use only energy renew a bleand self-produced
  • Adhesion to Zero Impact project
  • Energy saving
  • Production with a short chain
  • Vegan Recipes for cosmetic Paper and packaging ecological and recyclable


L’Erbolario: his philosophy Cruelty free

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Erbolario The products are totally Cruelty free, for several years this company has refused to use ingredients tested on animals. Besides object to the use of these ingredients, L’Erbolario fight and participate together with the Anti-Vivisection League to the various petitions and other actions aimed at eliminating the practice of tests on animals for all products used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The Erbolario cosmetics and the lines proposed

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Erbolario well as having a grand’integrità both ethically and environmentally, it also offers countless products that have a positive effect on the skin and on the beauty of the body. The products dell’Erbolario take care of the customer from head to the tip of the feet.

Between the lines proposed are:

The Erbolario when traveling:all products of perfect size to carry on board or on the

Face: within this line are all products ideal for taking care of the face of the anti-wrinkle cream natural until the primer.

Make up: If you want to apply make-up with natural products in this section you will find lipsticks, foundation, face powder, lip liner, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow and blush.

Body: Taking care of the beauty of your body naturally is the desire of all those who love cruelty free lines, in this line are countless products such as: body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, anti-cellulite products, etc. …

Hair: Protect your hair is very important, so the Erbolario offers countless cosmetics to wash them, such as shampoo and conditioner, but there are also gels, oils and styling products.

Perfumes: Within this line there are various fragrances, really delicious and all natural.

Finally, L’Erbolario want to take care of the whole family, which is why there are also lines for the man, for children, for home and for the animals. The Erbolario products are present in all pharmacies and herbalists who treat the brand, you can also buy them even cosmetics in stores L’Erbolario that are found not only in Italy but also in many cities around the world.