The mistakes that are made when doing the manicure: how to avoid them?

The hands are definitely a woman’s business card, but to be able to have a flawless manicure you need to avoid those mistakes that are usually committed when you make your own nails. Moreover, when you want to use vegan glazes, it is very difficult to go to a beautician who does not use products that contain ingredients of animal origin. So it is normal to fall back often for a homemade manicure. But putting nail polish alone is not always that simple, so how can you get a perfect manicure? Here are our tips!

1-Rub cotton directly on the nail

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When you have to remove the traces of the old nail polish on the nail often use a cotton pad and proceed to remove it by rubbing. This is a mistake that then tends to ruin the enamel draft as well. So how to do it? Simple, take a cotton pad and use Vive la Vida’s vegan enamel remover, then gently place the disc on the nail and then gently press it for a few seconds and gradually drag it outwards.

2 Put ever enamel after applying the cream

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The hand cream and nail, such as hand cream butter Shea Flora, it should not be applied before putting the glaze, otherwise, this will not stick, but you have to use it later when the polish has dried completely.

3-Making layers of glaze too double

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One mistake that is often made to do before is an excessively double layer of enamel. The way to get a perfect manicure, with Vive la Vida vegan glazes, is to lay thin layers, which can make the nail homogeneous, moreover, with more thin layers, the enamel dries first.

4-Approaching heat sources

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When applying enamel, do not get too close to the heat sources. In fact, when you approach the heat, the enamel does not dry out and immediately ruins. So to make the glaze durable and perfect you must avoid getting close to the source of steam and heat. You do not have to take a shower after you have put the enamel, or cook or use the smartphone, which is usually hot and can make it difficult to dry the enamel. You do not even have to try to dry the glaze with the hair dryer, especially with hot air, but also with cold air.

5-Doing the manicure just before going to sleep

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The manicure before going to sleep is definitely wrong! In fact, the sheets or blankets, if the enamel is not perfectly dried, tend to make the nails dull, and especially these being made of cotton create the hair on the nails and ruin the enamel.

6-Clean the smudges with a cotton swab

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When there are smudges you can not remove with a cotton swab, this product has a too thick tip. So it is better to use a small brush with a thin tip, similar to that of the eyeliner, this must be soaked in solvent and then used to remove excess glaze.