The secrets to getting a toned and youthful skin with vegan and cruelty free products

All women want to keep their young, firm and toned skin. Especially when you are going to get to a certain age! No woman wants to end up with dull skin, expression lines, and slightly run down. But how do you fight the signs of aging and keep the skin supple and less resilient skin?

To prevent to get your skin older, you have to act quickly and make a moisturizing treatment. The best way to succeed in making the skin tonic is: bring water to the skin and help your skin stay hydrated. In addition, act both in depth and on the surface in order to make skin forever young. In fact, when you act even in the deepest layers it is possible to rebuild the hydro-lipid film, the protective barrier of the epidermis that improves the skin condition.

The hydro-lipid film is very important, this is made up of both water of both lipids that cover the surface of the skin and make it more elastic. This film also prevents the tissues become dehydrated.

The importance of cleansing

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Cleanse skin is very important to be able to make it more beautiful and toned. The hydration to be stimulated is expected that there is provided in a good cleansing. To cleanse the skin in a healthy way, you need to use products that are able to not ruin the skin and do not bother you.

I advise you for cosmetics to use for cleansing completely cruelty free and without harmful substances. For this reason, we suggest the cleansing foam with hyaluronic acid Etre Belle.

To make your skin clean, soft and cared is necessary to use this product properly at least once a day. Then clean the skin with a sponge and warm water, after which proceed a use the cleansing foam to remove impurities. After removing the impurities, you can also once a week, a cleansing mask to Upgrade the Dead Sea.

As nourish the skin and make it soft and toned

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in order to nourish the skin, as well as make it cleaner with a detergent to hyaluronic acid foam you must also go to the nourishment of the hydro-lipid film. In order to achieve this, we should use essential oils that nourish the skin such as the essential oil to the musk rose, or a grape seed oil or safflower essential oil. These oils are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and can also be applied daily. If you prefer a cheaper product but very valuable, then you can use the‘oil that is ideal for both the skin and for that of the body.

Packs of cold water

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To improve the skin and make it firmer and more beautiful and bright, you can use an old remedy but really effective are the cold water compresses. Place in a pan of cold water and ice after which place it at its interior a mitt to be used both on the face on both the legs and the rest of the body. Finally, to make more effective the wraps recommend you the use of Ongkara body cream.

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