The vegan red lipsticks that combine performance and ethics

Within the lipsticks although certified organic cruelty free, and often you can find the components not strictly vegan considerable. In fact, the first two categories exclude animal experiments but not the use of animal components.

Why is it so important to use the vegan lipsticks?

Consider that according to reports from the statistics, a woman eats about two lipsticks year. This is because we tend to lick or otherwise remove lipstick with lips, and consequently it ingests even unintentionally.

Choose a vegan lipstick and no chemical origin components avoids the interference of substances that in the long run could be harmful to the body. Moreover, in many non-vegan lipsticks are found in animal products such as cochineal, glycerin, lanolin and collagen.

All these ingredients mean that lipsticks are more glossy, trendy and very red and with a permanent seal. But there are also many vegan red lipsticks that can be purchased on the market without having to be afraid to ingest or use animal products.

Let’s see what are the best!

The best red lipsticks vegan: brand

An Italian brand offering a perfect red lipstick Vegan and Mat coloring are those proposed by Alba Vegan Make Up. This Mat lipstick is suitable for any festive occasion, especially in the beautiful shades Crimson Red.

An intense red lipstick composed of only vegan ingredients, but still with a high concentration of pigments are those made by Lavera Color Cosmetics.This includes the lipstick shades Ruby Red, and consists of rich components such as: butter of pink, mauve, biological lime.

If you look for a red lipstick vegan like a tint for Mat lips, smooth and stays dry for a long time, then you should opt for the Lip Tint Pure Bio.This lipstick is available in several colors including red. Inside there are several ingredients like calendula and cocoa butter.

A red lipstick vegan as pigmented and bright color and with a gothic lip gloss packaging is made from Cross Hands Gloss Panic. The colors in which it is available are so many, and in addition to traditional shades like red you can also buy other colors like Black Raven or the beautiful and magnetic Underworld Amethyst.

Finally, among the collections that offer vegan red lipsticks, but not only it is that proposed by Doe Deere. Doe Deere stage name of Xenia Vorotova is a lover of makeup was born in Russia and moved to New York where he founded the Lime Crime line. The Lime Crime line offers made vegan lipsticks in colors bright and bold as ranging from lighter shades to the more intense. The lipsticks of this line does not contain any ingredient of animal origin, but performance of in general cosmetics.

These are among the best vegan red lipsticks in 2018,and you can buy them online or in specific beauty shops vegan.