How to make an eyeshadow with homemade ingredients Cruelty free

Being able to self-produce everything you need for your make-up can help you not only save money but will also provide the certainty of creating a natural product, rich in nutrients and ingredients that are cruelty free and therefore not tested on animals.

To create a perfect make-up need as well as lipstick a beautiful eye shadow that can enhance your eyes and maybe match to your outfit. Today we’ll show you two simple recipes for a lighter eye shadow and perfect powder for the nuances and a recipe for creamy eyeshadow, which thanks to its texture may last longer and give a touch of color more intense.

How to make a shadow homemade powdered

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The first preparation that we propose involves the construction of a powder eyeshadow with ingredients cruelty free and all natural, these are simple enough to find and provide you the perfect eye shadow for both the make-up day for that evening.Remember, before preparing the have shadow of an empty set for eye shadows.

Ingredients to prepare homemade eye shadow powder

  • Rice Starch
  • organic food colors

To prepare the powder eye shadow,just take a bag of rice starch from which to take a teaspoon for each type of eye shadow you want to create and color organic food for the shade you choose. Take a tablespoon of rice starch and place in a bowl and add the organic food color, mix until this will not take the typical texture eyeshadow, place it in an empty set for eye shadows.

The organic food colors, can be purchased in herbal medicine, the nuances easier to find are those thatyou allow to create black,beige, gray, pink, orange, purple and red.

How to make a homemade cream eye shadow

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to create a cream eye shadow with cruelty free ingredients the process is slightly longer and requires a larger number of components, those components are still pretty easy to find in the market.

Ingredients for the cream eye shadow

  • 2.5g. Shea Butter
  • 2.5 gr. of Almond Oil
  • 1.7 grams.of bees
  • 3 gwax.mineral pigments

to create the cream eye shadow, first remember to always have at hand a container for eye shadows, after which you can start preparing. So, in a double boiler, melt the beeswax and shea butter, when they are dissolved, without coming to aboil,also add the sweet almond oil. After that, remove the mixture from the stove and stir the chosen mineral pigment for the creation of your cream eye shadow. Stir vigorously and add another pigment, if desired a darker color. Finally, enter the compound inside a container for creamy eyeshadows and let cool and solidify. The good thing creamy eyeshadow that besides being able to be used on the eyes, and in some colors, can also be used as blush and lipstick like.