How to Make Home Waxing Ceremony with Cruelty Free Ingredients

Waxing is essential for any woman who wants to show off a smooth skin and without the shadow of a hair, unfortunately for those who want to be sure to do a completely natural wig, you can not turn to any aesthetic anyone, and find a professional Which uses natural and unproven products on animals is not always easy or can be much more expensive than normal cold hair removal.

For this reason, making home-made waxing is the best solution for the skin because it will only come in contact with natural ingredients but also for the portfolio because these are easy to find and inexpensive. We discover together how to create your own home-made wax and how to apply it to remove the superfluous hair in total safety and naturalness.

The recipe for home-made wicker cruelty Free

Homemade wax can be prepared with three simple ingredients that, in addition to being good for hair removal, also work positively on the skin, so this recipe is also perfect for those with a very delicate skin.


1. Glass of Sugar
2. Spoon of Honey
3. Lemons (juice)

To prepare the wicker in a home version, you must first take a pot (possibly non-stick), take this first, put the lemon juice first, when it is slightly overheated, insert the sugar into juice and start mixing it with your hand That the sugar melts and add the honey. After adding honey, continue to turn with a wooden jar and allow the mixture to boil.

Boil the mixture slowly for about ten minutes, after removing the pan from the fire and let it cool until it reaches the correct temperature for application. A tip: always check the consistency of the waxy in fact it must not be too dense but not too liquid, it must look like a creamy and velvety cream.

How to apply home-made waxes

After the wax has reached the right degree of heat, to check this, take a wooden spatula and apply a bit on your hand, if it does not burst then you can proceed with depilation. Before losing it, however, take a little bit of wine and apply it directly to the skin that needs to be clean and dry.

After putting the wine bottle, take a bowl of water with lukewarm water, this will help to wet your hands as soon as you try to pull away the wax and then do the hair removal right. If you want, you can also choose to wax with wax depilatory strips made of cotton, possibly ecologically.

If you do the strips apply the cream on the depilatory strip after placing it in the hairline, make it adhere well and then pull the strip into the hair. Instead, if you want to pull it without strips, just apply it with a wooden spatula directly on the skin after you have to wet your hands with lukewarm water and pull the wax in the reverse direction of the hair.