How to Make Vegan Lipstick with Natural Ingredients

Many women who follow a diet and a vegan lifestyle often find it difficult to find completely natural cosmetics that do not have ingredients of animal origin. Although there are several manufacturing companies that have chosen to create vegan cosmetic lines, these are not always cheap and therefore you can save and make anyhow you can choose to create fully-made Vegan cosmetics.

One of the favorite women’s cosmetics is definitely the lipstick, this gives the face a better color, brightens the face and completes the makeup. That is why today we want to advise you how to make a Vegan lipstick with completely natural ingredients.


Vegan lipstick: what are the ingredients to use?

Homemade lipsticks can be of various types, the important thing is the base that needs to be soft and at the same time resistant and must not dry your lips. Usually this is done using beeswax, but being an animal product this is not good for creating a Vegan lipstick, in this recipe then the base of the lipstick will be created by mimosa wax, a flower that releases a completely antiallergic and perfumed wax.


The ingredients for a Vegan lipstick

– 7 gr. Of mimosa wax
– 5 gr. Of almond oil
– 7 gr.
Of shea butter

For color:

To obtain the red of various gradations you can use: cherries, strawberries, red currants, red cranberries, red beetroot.

Rose: red cabbage, radish
-Purple: blueberry or blackberry
-Brown or Nude: cocoa powder, coffee or cinnamon
-Fishing: carrot, pumpkin or turmeric

Vegan lipstick how to prepare
To prepare the vegan lipstick first you need to get two pots, a mixing spatula, a funnel and lipstick containers.

The first thing to do to make Vegan lipstick and take the pan and slowly dissolve wax mimosa, shea butter and sweet almond oil, the ingredients should be dissolved in a bath  for about six or seven minutes. Hands that melt mix the components together.

After you have dissolved the compound you have to create the natural dye for lipsticks. To make the dye you take the fruit you like, it will use about 40 grams, put in a pot with 200 ml of water. Put the mixture on the fire and allow the fruit to melt, after it has dissolved completely, pick up a colander and separate the pulp of the fruit from the water. Now put the colored water back inside the pan and let it go on a slow fire, stirring until the water gets tired by the fruit sugars.

Also get the pigment for your lipstick, combine the colored water, directly to the previous preparation mix everything and finally pour into the lipstick container and allow to cool in the fridge and your vegan lipstick will be ready to be used the next day.