How to make a vegan manicure at home

It can be very difficult to find an esthetician who uses vegan products for manicure, then how to perform it at home? That’s all the tips for a good manicure with homemade vegan products.

1) Treat your hands to a manicure perfect vegan

Risultati immagini per manicure

To get a perfect manicure you have to take care of their own hands neatly, nourish them and make them free from the cuticles that form around the nail. So the first thing to do is remove the old nail polish with a solvent for vegan nail (we will recommend the natural solvent of Vive la Vida), after removing the glaze you can proceed to the care of hands and nails.

Take a basin of warm water and add baking soda to this and if you wish to lavender essential oil, to make it fragrant. Now put your hands in water for about ten minutes, so you soften the cuticles and will be easier to eliminate them.

To remove the cuticles can use a Cuticle ,or scissors. After removing all cuticles, take a hand cream to nourish them thoroughly. Now let dry the cream in this way you will not have problems when they filed down the nail and apply nail polish.

Two creams vegan hands that we recommend:Moisturizing Cream Oil of OLEA oil and hand cream with Argan oil Atelier Naturae.

2) File my nails

Risultati immagini per manicure

After you have cleaned your nails, remove cuticles and after applying the cream, you can proceed to the filing.

After you removed cuticles use a hand cream to moisturize the skin and nails, after you have made the act for ten minutes, let dry the skin and proceed to the filing.

To file the nails well need to use a cardboard file, which makes it possible to make the linear nail without sfaldarla. You can use the cardboard file to make the square nail seeing to the filings from the inside, but if you want to make the round nail ‘ll have to use the external file.

After screwing the nails, you can provide a light filing also the area where you apply the glaze. If you make the rough nail polish will be able to better attach to and last longer.

3) Apply nail polish

Risultati immagini per manicure

Before applying the vegan nail polish to make your perfect nails, you should again use the natural solvent to remove residual cream, oils and filing. After the solvent has evaporated completely, you can proceed to put the glaze.

For the glaze we will recommend the vegan nail polish Vive laVida,this firm offers different colors, long-lasting, perfect for those who want to have a manicure perfect and lasting vegan.

After choosing the color of the enamel, make a first light passed, let dry the enamel, and then make a second pass in order to have a more vivid color and brilliant.

Also, doing two coats of nail polish will get also a more even color,and tend to splinter less.

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