How to treat dry skin: methods and natural products

Dry skin is a problem that can occur both during the summer and winter. When skin dries out the problem is not always the cold, but it could be due to poor hydration or a poor diet. Also another issue that leads to dry skin is the accumulation of dead cells.

How to treat dry skin: nutrition and hydration

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The first attention must turn to their bodies to cure dry skin and follow a diet that allows to rehydrate the body and mind.

It is advisable to follow a diet rich in vegetables raw and cooked that can increase your level of hydration. In addition to vegetables, which are always necessary for a balanced diet, you should also avoid some wrong behaviors, such as drinking alcohol (which cause dehydration), avoid eating foods high in simple sugars and carbohydrates.

Finally, to improve your hydration you need to drink at least two liters of water a day, and supplement the water with herbal teas, green tea and centrifuges fruit and vegetables.

How to treat dry skin: exfoliation

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As we anticipated,dry skin often creates an accumulation of dead cells thereby leading to dry skin, to dehydrate and above all risk of unpleasant cracking, often considered too unsightly.

A solution to dry skin care is the scrub that eliminates all the dead cells that have accumulated on your legs, stomach, and in critical areas such as the knees and elbows. The scrub should do so at least twice a week, accompanied by an exfoliating.

By placing the scrub with the exfoliating sponge you can achieve first to remove dead skin cells, after which allows for better hydration.

In fact, at the moment when you delete the cells that lurk on the skin, the water and oxygen can penetrate better into the skin, improving the hydration.

An ideal product to moisturize your skin is the body facial scrub proposed by OLEA. This cream can be applied to the entire body and face, in this way it is possible to deal adequately with the problem of dry skin.

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Moisturize your skin every day is very important to be able to counteract the dryness of the face and body. To promote hydration in addition to a proper diet and the scrub, you must also buy a face cream and body that can promote hydration. The cream should be used at least twice a day in order to improve the state of the skin and eliminate dryness.

The body lotion and face cream with olive oil for OLEA are really perfect for improving skin hydration. These are made with olive oil, a highly nourishing and moisturizing component. These two creams are made only from organic and vegan ingredients, ideal for sprinkling on the skin several times a day.
The body cream can be used in the morning and in the evening after taking a shower. The hand cream, however, is very convenient to take with him even during the day.

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