Top 3 Eco-Bio Made in Italy brands

Have certainly heard of “eco-bio cosmetic” and you’ve probably already figured out for themselves what they are. But not always the words really express the concept that seem to indicate, so it is good to learn anyway. We can say that a product (even beauty) is called “echo” when it is totally ecological and excludes derived from chemicals or petroleum substances. E ‘ “bio” are excluded when poisonous elements such as pesticides or as allergens. A product which is “eco-bio” indicates a very high quality and purity and thus a certainty with regard to health and respect for nature.

Excellent eco-bio companies in Italy

To orient the choice of these products you can help with the label INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)usually written in Latin and English for natural products for chemical parts, if any. If the product is really eco-bio should not have captions in English. If the list is short and is in Latin, the product is 100% natural, if it is too long (the addition of supplements or fortifying …) and contains terms in English not to be trusted. For the eco-bio products are Italian, in addition to the INCI alsocertifications, ICEA  Bioagricert and CCPB. In Italy there are many eco-bio companies that deal with products for the body, given our long tradition of study of herbal medicines and natural cosmetics. There are companies like the caress that are active since 1898, others that were formed in the seventies after the return to life in the camps, others chasing a few years ago the modern dream of the ecological. But three Italian companies are among the best ever.

The best three eco-bio Italian companies

Alkemilla based in the province of Taranto and is a company that has always research natural remedies because, as the site slogan, “When we imagined Alkemilla … we realized that the nature of the ‘he had already created”. The products of this company cover everything from hair to face and body, are certified and inspected against allergens and show an index of “raw materials” to refer to have clear idea of the group’s work.

Bioearth, or the Land of Biological, is a company that is headquartered in the province of Parma and has existed since 1997, being family-run mode and very attentive to healthy ecological principles. A careful selection of materials to use, they are completely natural and free of dangerous allergic elements, making it among the most reliable. Even here, surrounded by nature, it respects the line of thought. The products are both for cosmetics that supplements. The site also offers a very knowledgeable blog on raw materials used.

From the idea of two Tuscan women came into being Biofficina Toscana, a company based in Lucca and Siena, which produces cosmetics for men, women, children, facial, body, hair, and even for the home. The materials used for the creation of the LV products are mainly herbs and extracts of herbs originate Tuscany, 0 km, including grapes, kiwi, cypress and berries. Thanks to the bees in Tuscany are raised a bit ‘everywhere, the company sells products made with honey produced directly in Italy.