Vegan and cruelty free anti-age products: how to use them to make the skin younger

Having young skin is the dream of all women. The anti-aging products and creams are ideal for getting a toned, young skin and above all without free radicals. To take care of the skin, however, it is not only necessary to use anti-age creams, but also makeup products that make skin and lips look more beautiful and young even after you have made up your makeup.

Vegan and cruelty free anti-age make-up cosmetics

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When you reach a certain age to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, you must also use make-up products that allow you to obtain a completely anti-age effect, and above all that they can rejuvenate your skin, even after you have made up your skin.

One of the best cosmetics for make-up is surely the smoothing booster by Etré Belle. This product is an ideal primer to succeed in obtaining a base that protects the skin from free radicals, and from the problems of old age. This primer contains within it a mixture of hyaluronic acid, which is able to fill at most the imperfections of the skin, the lines of the dilated and thin pores.

The primer of Etrè Belle is a booster base that has a transparent gel and allows to obtain a completely satin finish. By choosing a base to be applied before makeup, you will be able to obtain an opaque effect to improve the seal of the next makeup.

Lip Couture Lipstick: to fill the lips and make them younger

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The Lip Couture lipstick allows you to fill your lips with an innovative marine collagen product. This is completely natural and manages to make the lips fuller, younger and more toned. Lipstick lip couture has an anti-aging and volumizing effect. Applying it daily it is possible to make the lips softer and hydrated, but also rejuvenated.

The rejuvenating effect is allowed precisely by the microspheres of marine collagen, which are able to compensate for the lack of collagen in the lips, during the aging process. This cosmetic lipstick makes it possible to obtain lips with a voluminous appearance but also regenerated and protected.

The best anti-aging face creams

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There are several anti-age creams, but what are the creams best cruelty free and vegan? Here are some ideal proposals to make the skin younger and more toned, without having to resort to harmful ingredients, and tested on animals.

Among the best creams we find:

The night cream with caviar: this is highly nutritious and allows to improve the texture of the skin. The caviar nourishes it deeply and gives it a more toned, smooth and youthful effect.

Hyaluronic acid cream day and night: another highly nourishing product for the skin is the day and night cream enriched with hyaluronic acid. This cream is rich in antioxidants, which are able to have a rejuvenating and filling action.

Roll on Eyes Caviar Golden Skin: This product is enriched with ingredients such as gold and caviar, both able to eliminate the effects of fatigue, and bags under the eyes. This is a rejuvenating and moisturizing gel.