Vegan and Cruelty free cosmetics: for the health of your body and for the environment

Buy and sell products and Cruelty free Vegan is just an ethical choice? Of course not! Surely it is first and foremost a decision in respect of the animals, but in many cases also respecting the environment and man.

The chemicals not only are often tested on animals, but can also be harmful to the skin. Many of these provide an apparent beauty for a short period, but using them in the long run may actually protects human skin.

This happens especially in the world of cosmetics. How many lipsticks are full of lead? How mascara or eyeliner damaged the eyelid and in extreme cases even the retina? How many products arriving from outside the European Union, they are known to have in carcinogenic ingredients them?

Many, many, especially when buying cosmetics on online sites that do not operate in Europe, but that produce and sell cosmetics from China. In those states is not only mandatory testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, but it also often use compounds that are in Europe were banned. Therefore, when choosing cosmetic, especially if you are looking for vegan and cruelty free products is best to choose products certified and subjected to the security controls concerned.

Cosmetics Vegan and Cruelty free: an upward trend in

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The world of cosmetics is taking very seriously the use and production of Cruelty free products and in some cases even vegans. In a few years there have been very large companies that create lines and only vegan and cruelty free products. These products and brands, to be recognized as such have safety marks: Bunny for cruelty free products, and the big V or the leaflet for vegan cosmetics.

cosmetics Vegan and Cruelty free have seen in the last two / three years, the establishment of 60 companies dedicated to the production of tricks, shampoos and other products for the care healty completely vegan and cruelty free certified.

In 2018, according to the company, English Organic Search this gave s’incrementerà with the opening and the production of many products dedicated to this new trend. In fact, it is a real trend that sees the demand for products that are not tested on animals by many customers around the world!

According to Green Lifestyle,the cosmetic industry vegan and cruelty free world is also growing in Italy with a turnover increased by 4.4% compared to 2016. According to a recent analysis also made by the Italian Studies Center Cosmetics green products in Italy they have won many distribution channels, creating a market with a value of 950 million euro.

Vegan and Cruelty free and Bio: for the welfare of the body

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Today, companies Vegan and Cruelty free link very well on organic beauty. Within many cosmetic products not tested on animals, then you can find ingredients zero kilometer and organic farming. Thanks to these ingredients, not only can enhance the beauty of the world, but you can also preserve its and above can take care of themselves in respect for animals and the environment.

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