Vegan and Eco-Bio Cosmetics: the best brands in Italy

Vegan cosmetics, too often are not Eco-Bio for this reason for those who are especially tied to the health of the environment than the animals, to buy cosmetics that do not adversely affect the environment and at the same time do not have ingredients of animal origin can be really very difficult.

They are more and more vegans than to overcome this obstacle and have no doubt about the content and workmanship of products that choose not to buy beauty products and to recreate them naturally in the home. Surely creating cosmetics at home is one of the best solutions to not having a negative impact on the environment and to be 100% sure that cosmetics are vegans.

Of course, however, it may be very difficult to have time to create all the beauty products at home, so the best solution is to find Vegan and Eco-bio cosmetics brands that can meet all the needs of those who They love the environment and at the same time want to respect the rights of animals.

Vegan and Eco-Bio cosmetics which are the best brands in Italy

Finding Vegan and Eco-bio cosmetics with the right certifications can be even harder in Italy, since it’s not many years since these choices of life are also applied to the cosmesium world. Despite this, there are some brands that are committed to having a Vegan and Eco-bio cosmetic product become really possible.

Let’s see some companies offering lines of natural products and no ingredients of animal origin:

-Agronauti Cosmetic:

Is a line of eye-catching products and naturally possesses all the certifications both Eco-bio and Vegan, its cosmetics mainly dedicated to body care, face and hair, are sold within beautifully packed packs of style fresh and juvenile.

This company therefore offers only cosmetic products that have completely natural ingredients from organic farming.

Among their most interesting products we recommend: Restructuring Conditioner Conditioner, Night Nourishing Night Cream and Their Best Seller Antismog Face Moisture Cream with UV Protection.




MaterNatura’s products as it is already known are eco-biological and can boast different ICEA and Vegan certification on each of their cosmetics. In addition, these are also suitable for all those who suffer from allergies because its cosmetics are all Nickel tested. Also in this line we find several categories of products ranging from those for body care to those dedicated to the care of the beauty of face and hair.



Alchimia Natura:

This is another Italian company that we would like to offer you as an ideal for those looking for cosmetics Eco-bio and Vegan. Having all the necessary certifications, it proposes different lines for the beauty of the body, from facials to body creams and beauty masks. Its products are all natural, vegan and organic, and there are various proposals for Male cosmetics.