Vegan cosmetics, before buying them check it!

A fast control saves you money and time. Before buying vegan cosmetics from the label, make sure that it is actually vegan products.

On my blog I will often talk about certified vegan brands and I will test the products associated with these brands.

It is not just a matter of buying the wrong product, but also of the incentive to purchase the very tendency to exploit and abuse animals. Before explaining how you can recognize real vegan cosmetics, a brief introduction to what they are and who uses them.

What are vegan cosmetics?

They do not foresee any form of animal exploitation (from tests to the presence of derivatives). They are practically cruelty free cosmetics chosen by those who have decided to live ethically and consciously, in full respect of the animal kingdom.

Veganism is a lifestyle. Whenever you buy something, whether it is for food or not, make sure you use only plant products. Sometimes these products are organic, sometimes not. They are not two worlds that necessarily coexist.

Vegan cosmetics offer many benefits to the ultimate consumer. They are also suitable for the most sensitive skin, improve the health of the environment, the quality level is superior while remaining economical.

How to make sure that it is vegan cosmetics

The first thing you have to rely on is INCI, you find it on the label. Includes a full list of ingredients, often written in Latin and English. If you are unfamiliar with these two languages, I suggest you do a quick search and translate them before you buy. You have to be sure that those names do not hide the presence of animal derivatives, often widespread in cosmetics.

A vegan cosmetic for example replaces animal fat with vegetable oils such as almond or argan oil. The presence of an ingredient rather than another is about defining the property of the product.

Do not rely solely on the word “vegan cosmetics” or “cruelty free” often in large letters on the packaging. Entering such a script is easy and, although legal at the wrong level, some companies abuse it improperly.

The only way you have to make sure that your shampoo, foundation or body cream is really made without an animal having suffered or is in any way exploited, is reading the INCI. Initially translating and conducting research takes you time is true, but it’s worth it. As long as you are familiar with these terms you will be able to recognize them with the eye.

The last advice I want to give you is to investigate also on common terms such as, just to make examples, collagen and elastin. They are substances derived from the connective tissue of animals.

Do you follow a real vegan lifestyle? Then follow my blog carefully because I will make 100% product reviews to your lifestyle.

I will help you to do it day after day not only to show you what are the best cruelty free products but also those that, under such a common name, hide concentrates of animal substances.