Vegan Nail Polish: the colors for the summer and how to adapt them to their personality

Even during the summer you can opt for a perfect manicure that allows you to donate to this one aspect always cared. The vegan nail polish is ideal to be able to combine their passion for the beauty and the animals.

When summer arrives, the first thing that often surrenders is just a manicure, because of salt water, sea, sand, pool etc… But why give up the manicured nails for the summer?

Risultati immagini per smalti colorati

In fact, it is not necessary, the latest generation of vegan nail polishes created by the Vive la Vida, are formulated with substances that are neither harmful to the skin or potentially irritating. This nail polish is specifically designed for long life and does not even damaged during the summer. Furthermore, its enamels are devoid of all those substances that usually act negatively on the nails such as formaldehyde, benzophenone, parabens, the toluene, xylene, camphor, phthalates and rosin.

Although there are not all of these ingredients within the enamel, this still provides a perfect hold, good coverage and especially fast drying!

Vegan Enamels: the best colors for your summer

Risultati immagini per smalti colorati

When summer comes we must also choose the best colors to be able to not give too gloomy-looking, or winter. Summer is the time when you give life to colors, which is why you can choose vegan brilliant glazes and with a brighter and more intense beauty.

Glazes vegan colored in the catalog of the Vida Lives are several, among them are:

The red enamel Black cherry and red strawberry: these two colors are perfect for the summer season, the sun makes them shine and adapt to different styles of clothing. You can put it with elegant clothes blacks or whites. The red enamel can also be used with casual clothes and with all the colors you want.

Enamel Rose, Peony, Apricot: are the most popular colors for the summer, especially for girls who are looking for one vegan nail polish and without natural ingredients, which do not easily spoil. These enamel colors then combine well with light-colored clothing, white, with long dresses, and especially with jeans, and dresses with floral decorations.

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Mimosa, which tends to yellow is a Vegan polish that fits very well with the girls who want to live their summer full of colors. The yellow mimosa is perfect mainly for those who love casual wear!

White rose and calendula: The white and orange of Calendula, are finally in the colors that suit for women who love the colors that make beautiful hands, solar and young! These two colors can also be combined to obtain a special manicure and outside the box.

Typically for the summer, apart from the red, all other glazes to be used should be clear, bright and sunny just like the time when you wear

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