Vegan Ok Certification Meaning and Value in Cosmetics

Vegan OK is the first ethical certification specially designed to identify all Vegan products that are sold and released in Italy. The Vegan OK brand is not only used for cosmetics and beauty products, but also for all other small or large retailers.
The certification staff is entirely made up of vegans who seek to preserve the best of all those who wish to make and spread this ethical choice.

The staff also has a thorough knowledge of vegan and the rules that must be respected to provide those who want products that do not have any world-class components.

So if you come across a cosmetic with Vegan Ok certification, you can be sure that this does not contain any animal or animal parts of it.

It is very important to have a benchmark in Italy and a brand that allows you to be sure of the purchases you make and the companies that have applied for this certification.

Vegan Ok – how do you get this certification?

Vegan OK certification is one of the most popular ethical standards in the world, which at present also counts countless Italian companies, including several cosmetic companies. Any company that manufactures Vegans products can apply for this certification to be able to tell their customers that this choice has been made.

So any business that wants to certify a product according to the Vegan Ok standard can do so via a request. Product controls are operated under the European UNI EN ISO 14021 regulations, but also through an ethical evaluation of the company. In fact, even if requested, not all assets or products can receive the Vegan OK mark.

Anyone who wants to place this logo on his products must overcome the checks on the labels, then the company must commit itself to respecting the Ethical Vegan OK Discipline.

The Ethical Discipline Vegan OK has been studied and supervised by an Ethics and Scientific Committee of the Italian Vegan Association Onlus.

Vegan OK certification for cosmetics

Anyone who produces natural cosmetics and no ingredients of animal origin can apply for this brand to be able to guarantee to their customers that the product complies with the Vegan rules. Every company must make a product conforming to the specification in order to achieve full transparency.

Even though the company itself is in the making and styling of the ingredients inside the cosmetics, no non-compliant product will get the Vegan Ok certification. To be assured that the cosmetic brand is actually released by Vegan Ok, it will be enough to check the authorization number issued by the company and you can check the companies that conform to the official Vegan OK website.

This certification is completely safe, any cosmetic product reported as Vegan Ok will be free of animal ingredients and consequently this will not even present any ingredients tested on them. All Vegan Ok cosmetics are also Cruelty free.