Vegan remedies against acne: what are the best

Acne is a problem that can occur at a young age, during the hormonal development or in the adult age because of problems with hormones. Acne is a skin condition that involves the accumulation of a large number of pimples on the face. In adult acne, it can also leave permanent scars, especially if instead of cure you spend most of the time to remove the pus from pimples.

For acne problems you need to use specific products that can improve the skin condition. Many of these, however, are neither cruelty free and especially not vegan. In order to overcome the problem, there are also all-natural remedies for acne, in line with the dictates vegans.

Vegan remedies against acne: baking soda

One of the main vegan remedies against acne is the use of a simple and economical: the baking soda. This is helpful against acne because it has antiseptic properties, is also a natural regulator of sebum and also manages to fight off any bacteria. Another quality of the sodium bicarbonate is its exfoliating action, so you can also make more bright and clean skin after treatment. To combat acne with baking soda, simply combine one tablespoon of this, a tablespoon distilled water. This will give you a kind of cream,put it on your face and leave it on for five minutes. Finally, rinse it all with cold water.

Essential oil of Tea Tree

addition to sodium bicarbonate, there are other products that can act as vegan remedies against acne, one of these is: the essential oil of Tea Tree.The tea tree oil has antibacterial action that helps reduce excess sebum and size of pimples. This oil can be used essential not absolute, but must dilute it with another product such as jojoba wax.


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Even Sage is recognized for its properties antibacterial but also regulating sebum. A sebum regulator is in practice natural agent that manages to reduce the sebum content in pimples. The fresh sage can be used to prepare an infusion to be used later as a tonic to the skin and allow it to act on acne. If instead purchased the essential oil of sage, you have to add or to a vegan mask, dilute or together with jojoba wax, as for the essential oil of tea tree.

Lemon juice

Finally, one of the simplest remedies for acne is lemon juice. The inside contains a natural disinfectant, which reduces the effect of acne on the skin, but also can eliminate the reddish marks on the face that usually accompany pimples. Lemon juice can be mixed with a drop of essential oil of sage and then applied to the face and left to work for five minutes. If you do not have the essential oil of sage, you can simply take lemon juice and with this soak a cotton ball. After that, pass it on face and leave for a few minutes before rinsing with cold water.