How to make a vegan toothpaste homemade

,Cosmetics, creams and perfumes are very important but they should also be combined with a dazzling and very white smile. To have white teeths, you should not be forced to use toothpastes that are on the market. You can also have it at home with natural ingredients and no additives. The vegan toothpaste can be done with many components that are derived directly from nature, these not only improve the breath and prevent halitosis but are also able to provide you with a great smile thanks to the healthy and white teeth.

Regular tooth paste, perhaps it may seem strange, but also may contain animal ingredients, for this reason can not be used by those who follow a vegan diet and a vegan philosophy. But we do not worry because there are many recipes that can make up for the use of regular toothpaste factory.

The recipes of homemade vegan toothpaste

There’s a perfect recipe for vegan toothpaste but there are many types that can be easily created at home with ingredients that you like the most. Some may be less good others they taste better, but all of these recipes can improve the condition of your teeth, remove plaque, make them stronger and white.

Let’s see some recipes:

Toothpaste Aloe. The aloe plant is widely used for various preparations such as creams and masks for the skin, this in reality, however, is also ideal for the production of toothpaste. The ingredients that are used to create the aloe toothpaste are: the aloe gel, the essential oil of mint and kaolin. All these ingredients are available directly on the market. To prepare mixed 6 tablespoons of aloe gel with a spoon and a half of kaolin and then add four drops pepper mint oil.

Toothpaste with green clay, perhaps this has an optimal flavor but is really good for your teeth. The clay toothpaste should be prepared with a few simple ingredients: dried leaves of sage, green clay, baking soda and 5 drops of essential oil of mint. To create this toothpaste just combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda, the sage leaves and clay and then store everything in a jar.

Toothpaste mint and bicarbonate. One of the toothpaste most refreshing to the teeth is what you get with the union of the mind and bicarbonate. To prepare this toothpaste you have to mix baking soda with water and with an emulsion that can be made directly by boiling the leaves of mint and then passing it to the mixer. Combining these three ingredients will have a toothpaste that you always will give a fresh breath and white teeth.

Toothpaste coconut oil. Finally, the last toothpaste, that can help you improve the condition of your teeth, is made with coconut oil. This toothpaste is formed by a paste that can be stored in a jar. To achieve this toothpaste take two tablespoons of coconut oil with 10 drops of essential mint oil, add a little bicarbonate of sodium and then a little stevia powder.