Vegan Waxing : Traditional Recipe and What is the best on the Market

Is not easy to make a waxing vegan, but certainly one of the best is the Arab one. The Arab waxing a few ingredients in its interior, you can be prepared with extreme simplicity just a bit of attention. The Arab waxing is very old and was used already at the time of the Egyptians, lovers of beauty, makeup and even the skin smooth and hair.

To create a waxing vegan, just a few ingredients, which must be used in these precise doses:

  • eight tablespoons (kitchen) of sugar
  • a glass of water
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice

How to prepare waxing vegan: with the Arab recipe

The waxing doses must be accurate,because otherwise it or you get a hard, shapeless mass, or becomes like a molasses and still no good for shaving. So ask a lot of attention as the prepare.

This wax is prepared by a slow fire. Take therefore a non-stick pan and bring to a boil the water with sugar and then cook the mixture until it darkens. When this darkens and becomescaramel-like,you can then add a few drops of lemon juice, then mix well with the heat off. The lemon, caramel takes to work and bring it to the center of the pot. In fact, at this stage the caramel is thick and full-bodied.

After successfully creating this cream with caramel and have it brought to the center of the pot, you have to re-dissolve. Now turn it back on again, however, the temperature and let it dissolve it without the temperature gets too high. In fact, if you boil, you can not use it.

So once again placed on the fire, lightly try to shape it like a pose. Now take this soft ground and started to use it to Shave. Roll out the area you want to remove the hair and pull in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth.Once you manage to remove all the hair, to eliminate the sticky effect just rinse your legs under or shaved area under water. This waxing Vegan is also ideal for those with sensitive skin and capillary fragile or venous problems.

Waxing Vegan: a natural alternative for sale online

If you do not want to waste time, exists on the market an Arab waxing identical to what you can do at home, but being ready is much simpler to use. With this not you risk burning your skin, ruining the preparation and especially you will not destroy any pot! The waxing vegan that we suggest you buy and that is actually the most natural on the market is the one built by Najel.

Sugaring of Najel has very short INCI,within this there are only waxing: water, sugar and lemon juice. This type of waxing it can buy online on multiple sites, the price is very low about € 8. Also, this is much easier to use, compared to waxing vegan homemade, which is a bit difficult to handle.