Veggie Planet 2018 comes in Turin

The events dedicated to the Vegan world are the perfect way to learn about the industry news and to be able to find people who share this philosophy of life. The events dedicated to the Vegan are able to raise awareness, but not only, these allow you to understand how to live a life very rich even without using animal products or animal testing.

Most Vegan themed events are multi-thematic. This is because when you think about a life of vegans dictates not only thinks of power but also to every aspect of their lives. In fact, respect the vegan philosophy means being able to eliminate from their lives all products made from animal parts. Today we want to tell you about a new event in Turin dedicated to the vegan world we are talking about Veggie Planet in 2018 in Turin.

Veggie Planet in 2018 in Turin: the event for lovers of vegan

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After the success of the Veggie Planet of Rome, this event reaches Turin to present to all those who will participate in a world of products is completely vegan and 100% vegetable.During these days the Veggie Planet will give the opportunity to reach lots of origin plant that may inspire those who have chosen to follow a vegan life and by respect of nature.

Among the main stand, you can find vegan products dedicated to vegetable cooking. In fact, there will be several chefs of international renown who will show you new vegan recipes and all the products that you can use to improve your kitchen without food of animal origin.

But the event is not limited to the stands dedicated to vegan cooking. In fact, you can visit many stands dedicated to all-natural cosmetics, vegan and cruelty free the brands will show in new products are ideal for those who want to cultivate their beauty while respecting the world around him.

The natural and fair-trade cosmetics are not the only products you’ll find at Veggie Planet of Turin. You can also visit the booths dedicated to beauty accessories, made of natural and environmentally friendly. Finally, there are stands dedicated to clothing, and those dedicated to the products to zero distance and local.

Veggie Planet: all the information for the event

The event in Turin on 21 and 22 April 2018 for Veggie Planet! This will be held in the MRF space, large enough to accommodate all stand that we have mentioned above, and participating in the Veggie Planet of Turin. The MRF is located in Corso Luigi Settembrini 164 in Turin. The event will be held between 10.00 and 22.00. A very interesting thing? The event is completely free so no ticket to enter and most importantly you will not pay any amount to participate and discover every single event to be held during the Veggie Planet of Turin.