Weleda: certified Natrue brand

Weleda is one of the most popular cosmetics in organic and vegan products.

Weleda story

Born in 1921 as a pharmaceutical lab and an adjacent garden where they cultivated medicinal herbs, today it is one of the most important brands in the production of natural cosmetics and homeopathic remedies. Since then, attention has been paid to social, environmental and economic responsibility.
The products created by Weleda are born with the idea of responding to each person’s needs, contributing to the balance of mind and body. We are not talking only of a slogan used as a sales strategy, but of real values on which the company is based. Today, Weleda is present in over fifty countries. Born in Switzerland, it has branches in the five counties where it produces natural cosmetics and homeopathic remedies with herbs grown in the local gardens.

Weleda and Sustainability

Since Rudolf Steiner built Weleda, environmental, social and economic sustainability has always been the top priority. But sustainability does not stop at only the use of locally grown officinal plants, indeed this ranges from packaging to waste reduction. Over a thousand natural raw materials are used to create its own products. They promote biodiversity and value to the soil to produce raw materials. Over 78% of them come from certified organic and biodynamic crops.
The use of sustainable packaging allows the brand not to burden the environment, producing a packaging that can be 100% recycled. They rely on an internal team that has the task of finding new solutions.

Weleda and natural cosmetics

Nature Certificates, Weleda produces natural and organic cosmetics, designed to provide health and vitality to the client, two cornerstones of the company’s philosophy. Balance body and mind is the right way to live.

As the skin is the body’s most external body, it is important to treat it well. Suffice to think that through the skin we perceive the world. External stimuli, stress or nervousness make skin sensitive and cause imbalance. Weleda products are designed to foster overall well-being and to stay healthy in your skin. The natural ingredients of the products give support to the natural processes of the body by stimulating the inner equilibrium.

The product line is divided into two major categories: cosmetics and health.

In the first, there are makeup and products that are used daily, divided into categories such as face, body, baby, mom, oral hygiene, hair and man. The health line is meant for homeopathic remedies.

Weleda’s most famous products with eco-bio INCI are:

  • Salt-soluble toothpaste;
  • Baby line with calendula: a soothing plant that gives relief for delicate skin;
  • Anti-Cellulite Line at Betula: Especially the oil, peeling shower, decoction and cellulite treatment “inside and out”;
  • White Malva Line: Includes both baby and adult products. Protective cream is great for fighting diaper-dyed redness. Face and fluid creams are suitable for adults, they have soothing and calming action;
  • Pomegranate Line: dedicated to mature skin to fight wrinkles and skin aging.