Wellness Fair in Novi Ligure at the Dolci Terre exhibition center

The Wellness Expo in Novi Ligure is the first wellness fair, organized in the area. The event dedicated to bio, wellness, healthy living and completely natural products will be held at the exhibition center of Dolci Terre di Novi, in Viale dei campionissimi. The first wellness fair will be open Saturday, November 17 from 10 to 21, and Sunday, November 18 from 10 to 19.

Expo Wellness in Novi Ligure is the first event that includes a fair dedicated to Wellness, healthy biocosmetics and all products bio natural able to meet the needs of modern consumers, and that keep to use only natural products and without chemical components.

During the fair, it will be possible to attend over 80 exhibitors, all of whom are specialized in the production of organic products in Novi Ligure. The exhibition includes a sale of innovative products all coming from organic and natural companies in Italy.

Expo Wellness: a path of natural

EXPO Wellness in Novi Ligure is a showcase that allows exposure, but also a wide range of proposals and innovative products for the well-being of the body. The various stands will be dedicated to natural cosmetics, vegan and organic nutrition, furnishings, herbal and homeopathic products, and all the innovations in the energy-saving sector.

The natural cosmetics and organic products dedicated to vegetarian and vegan, all come from qualified companies in Italy. Not only that, among these stands, you can also find courses for body disciplines, such as yoga, mind disciplines such as autogenic training and meditation.

Finally, you can find ecological products and accessories for the care of the home and the person, and also of clothing lines based on the production of clothing with plant fibers. Expo Wellness even if in its first edition wants to be a point of reference for the public who is interested in the pursuit of wellness through a lifestyle with natural and above all ethical methods.

During the exhibition, it will be possible to find out what it means to choose an organic cosmetic, cruelty free and vegan. Furthermore, can be better understood in various biological certifications, such as harmful, toxic and allergenic substances. Also at the fair will be offered only products that do not contain GMOs and that are not tested on animals.

Furthermore, it will be possible to find an area completely dedicated to vegan culture and food. In these stands, you can discover the dictates of the vegan cuisine and the various foods among which you can choose. Finally, the vegan stands also provide sections dedicated to the well-being of the body and face.