What are organic and vegan popular brands in 2018?

Having a vegan beauty is not just a fad but a way to make themselves beautiful makeup and without using animal products or ingredients tested on these. Today, there are many women who want to have a completely free beauty from products that contain chemicals, or animal ingredients tested. And then the vegan products are not only popular for their principle respectful towards nature and the environment, but also for their unique Packeging naturally biodegradable.


Since 1994, on November 1 is celebrated Word Vegan Day, this year is 23 years, and for all lovers of vegan living there one day to represent their ideas. The trend of cosmetic vegan and eco bio, as has been noted by the latest celebrations for the World Day of vegans, has more and more followers.

In addition, according to a study conducted by Uala.it, app and portal dedicated to the world of beauty, it was found that the demand for cosmetic treatments and vegans and cruelty free, has increased by 13% compared to 2016. In addition, it is expected that this request , may increase in 2018. Of course the products, eco bio and vegan are very popular, but how much do they cost? According to this research, the cosmetics without animal ingredients, they cost about 17% more.

Who are the biggest fan of this trend? The main buyers who love this trend and who fervently follow are young, born from the late 90s early 2000. The very young, then, are growing up with a strong love of nature and animals, and then try to bring this love in the world of cosmetics. But what are the main brand of 2018? What will be the most loved and followed in the new year?

Best of 2018 brand here is the most followed


Now, even the brand vegan and cruelty free,are much followed on social networks and the girls eagerly await the latest innovations offered by these brands. Among the most followed in 2018 there are definitely

SueY. Nabi: This is one of the female beauty legend, famous for being the President is Lancome both L’Oreal Paris. After working for years, not by brand Cruelty free decided to devote himself to a new project that includes a vegan skincare beauty line, which combines the cutting-edge formulas and follow the principles of Ayurveda. The new line of Sue Y. Nabi is certainly one of the lines that will mark the future of cosmetic vegan and eco-sustainable.

Other of the best vegan brands which produce series ofcosmetics very popularand perfect for the youngest are

  • Wet’n Wild
  • Kat Von D
  • Too Faced
  • Smith & Cult
  • Urban Dacay

These brands are a favorite because they have unique and fun Packeging also have an eco-bio and vegan very youthful and witty approach. In addition, there are many products that can enable allgirls to the bestwear makeup and making themselves beautiful.