What are the best cruelty free shampoos?

Beauty does not only result from cosmetics and makeup that can be used to adorn and make your face more beautiful. In fact, in the lines of beauty are also included products for hands, nails and especially the hair!

Even when talking about your own hair, however, you still have to be in harmony with the environment and with the animals, which is why we recommend some of the best Cruelty free shampoos that can make beautiful, soft and bright hair , without containing tested components on animals.

The brands of Shampoo Cruelty free available in Italy

Thanks to the Internet and sales channels such as Amazon and other e-commerce, you can find cruelty free shampoo from various international brands. We chose to propose some of the best brands that offer the best relationship between the quality of the ingredients and a completely Cruelty free formula.

One of the most popular brands is definitely Lush, this company produces excellent shampoo and conditioners, not only Cruelty free but also endowed with Vegan certification. In fact, its shampoos such as those of the Lazzaro line with essential almond and olive oils are ideal for improving the flexibility and shine of the hair, in addition this shampoo also contains juniper berries and lavender that restore the natural balance of the hair. The balm instead is created with lemon and rosemary, making the hair cleaner for a long time.

https://static.sorgentenatura.it/data/editori/w/weleda-logo.pngThe second cruelty free shampoo we can advise you is that of Weleda, among the best in its line are the ones to the perfect mill to clean your hair. The scent of this shampoo has a really great smell and is completely cruelty free.

A truly unique line, to try absolutely, is that of Loreal Everpure, this shampoo has got Peta’s approval, has  leaping bunny certification and is a cruelty free shampoo.Loreal Everpure, keeps its respect for the environment even in the packaging this in fact and devoid of animal and sulphate derivatives.
Aveda has been creating forever, producing friends of the environment and naturally of the animals.

Its products are completely Cruelty free, but not all are Vegan, in fact some Aveda’s cruelty free shampoo contain honey, an ingredient not allowed in Vegan products. If you are looking for an Aveda shampoo you are Cruelty free Vegan, you have to choose Rosemary Mint, which invigorates and makes your hair brighter and more purified. This is made with rosemary and mint and is perfect for dyed hair.

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41RkIYFCDxL._SX355_.jpgPureology has a line of both Vegan and Cruelty free Shampoo, all of which are free of sulphates, and in its line you can choose countless types of shampoo that can be adapted depending on the color of your hair.

Finally, the latest product we want to advise you is made by Omia Laboratories, this has Leaping bunny certification directly on the front of the pack. The shampoos of these lines have ingredients of biological origin and do not contain silicones, parabens, nickel or cobalt, among the best of this line we are sure to find the one to Aeroe Vera.