Wycon cosmetics: Italian brand of cosmetics not tested on animals

Wycon Cosmetics is an Italian brand founded in 2009. The founder of this chain of cosmetics is Gianfranco Satta, entrepreneur and old cosmetics distributor for women. To the experience of entrepreneurial Gianfranco Satta it joins the experience of make up artist and expert of body care, and Product Manager Raffaella Pagano.

Both have tried to introduce the high quality cosmetics market but could have competitive rates. This collection of products has been designed by experts in the field who have tried to create ideal cosmetic for all women. Prices of Wycon are lower because the company’s retail concept provides for the entire production chain is managed without passages from producer to consumer. Each cosmetic realized by WICON not lose quality, despite the low price of each product is also ideal for make up more details and needing more attention.

The Wycon Cosmetics products are Cruelty Free?


The Wycon Cosmetics products do not have the certification Cruelty free, in fact, its cosmetics are not tested on animals, as required by European rules in 2004, also each cosmetic, as required by the 2009 rules, does not contain ingredients tested on animals products outside Europe.

So Wycon cosmetics are not tested on animals, but not all contain ingredients Cruelty free. Cosmetic products from this company are not vegan, as are components of animal origin such as beeswax or animal dyes such as cochineal. Finally, the bristles of the brushes are made by Wycon animal and not synthetic origin.

Cosmetici Wycon Cosmetics: le linee principali


Cosmetics Cosmetics Wycon try to cover every area of the Make-up and Skin care. The cosmetic lines present in fact include:

Make Up: lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip pencils, eye pencils, mascara, eye shadow palettes of various colors, lip gloss, foundation, powder, blush and many other products are ideal for creating a make up trendy and perfect for every occasion.

Skin Care: products for skin care are many, there are face creams, primers, nutritious masks and tonics and tonics. Each product for skin care contains vitamins and ideal ingredients to make it more beautiful and bright, as well as younger and protected from toxins and smog.

Accessories: in this line you can find all the tools needed for a woman to feel beautiful always perfect in every moment of the day. Among the main accessories are the tweezers for eyebrows, the eyelash curler, bearings for make-up, brushes, and many other accessories for nails, hands, feet and face.

Finally, among the Wycon products there are ones specific such as solar and tanning for the summer, perfumes with unique fragrances through out the year and also many cosmetic products and accessories to make the most hair, beautiful  shiny, soft and without knots.