Yves Rocher Cruelty Free cosmetics brand

Surely at least once in life you will have heard of the French cosmetics brand Yves Rocher,this company operates in the cosmetics industry by countless years. One of the main points in favor of this cosmetic company has an interest in the environment and its choice for many years to focus only to the creation of makeup and other Cruelty free cosmetics, that does not therefore present components or ingredients tested on animals.

Yves Rocher, therefore, combines in a wise botheco-sustainability, valuing especially of vegetable and natural ingredients, it is humanity, giving value to the lives of millions of animals who are cruelly tested because of several companies in the cosmetics sector.

Yves Rocher: a passion for the environment


As we have said, the naturalness of the ingredients is very important for this company that has created a unique cosmetic line called with the name of Cosmétique plant. The new proposal by the line aims to affirm that the future of beauty lies in the plant world.

Yves Rocher believes in the power plant,enough to recognize that not everyone has the same powers or healing effects and beauty, but each of them has many different qualities and characteristics. These studies have led the company to try to fully understand the vital mechanisms and adaptation of the plant, so that riuscirne to reproduce the same effects directly on the skin of its customers.

To do so, Yves Rocher also has a Botanical Garden which provides a collection of over 1100 plant species that can have positive effects on the skin. The benefits of each plant is controlled in their research center in Issy les Moulineaux, where a number of researchers every day trying to put just innovative cosmetic formulas.

This new line of Yves Rocher will surely be highly appreciated by customers seeking not only Cruelty free products but also natural and eco-sustainable. Every cosmetic product line Plant, contains within it the active ingredients benefits that can penetrate through the skin, thus giving the utmost in comfort to those who use these products.

Where to find and buy Yves Rocher products


Yves Rocher is one of the manufacturing companies that has chosen to offer its line directly to the home of its customers, through the cosmetics consultants, they will be able to advise and propose what are the best products for you and your skin.

The representatives in your area may be contacted via the web site, in fact just look at the products that you like and directly request the visit of a consultant to your own address, which will leave you the catalog and deliver the products. Besides being able to buy all the cosmetics and Yves Rocher products conveniently via the catalog you can also find cosmetics in stores scattered throughout Italy. To know what is the nearest just go on the official website and look for the Yves Rocher store nearest to your home address.