Vegan Life Live in London: a unique event on the international scene!

What’s more beautiful than to combine a passion for travel with the vegan and organic? Anything! This year all those seeking an excuse to travel then they have to participate in a unique event that Vegan Life Live in London.

The event Vegan Life Live, will be held in the British capital on 10 and 11 February at the Alexandra Palace. This wonderful location is ready to welcome all the professionals and lovers vegan world for a general event which will have very important internationally.

Vegan Life Live also wants to organize this event to be able to bring people who find themselves in the philosophy of life vegan and organic.

Vegan Life Live: as you hold the event?

The Vegan Life Live is one of the leading magazines in the UK. All those who follow a vegan lifestyle love this magazine every month for advice on finding the best products, and live a life free from animal cruelty.

The Vegan Life team has therefore decided to organize a perfect event that allows you to embrace the most of the vegan lifestyle and also organic.

Being vegan is not just respect the animals but also the nature. If you meet both of you you can be able to lead a healthy life and with sound principles. Participate in events proposed, finally, it allows to know the most of the new products, new technologies on vegan industry.

The Vegan Life team in these two days in February, invites all to London in the UK, to have fun and be able to celebrate this lifestyle choice.

The vegan lifestyle is always chosen by more people around the world. Choose not to eat or use more animal products is really important for human health and for ethics. If you know English in these two days you will also participate in various conferences designed for both novices and for veterans. Anyone can access the event.

The event to be held at the Alexandra Palace has several exhibitions of selected companies. These exhibitors will demonstrate how to choose a vegan lifestyle does not mean deprive or deny anything to themselves. Each exhibition will show a particular sector of the vegan life, for example you can visit the various stands offering food and drinks, or you can discover new clothes made of plant fibers, and no animal fibers such as wool.

In addition to clothes and drink, of course there are also many products perfect for skin care and beauty. You know all the cosmetics that will be produced in 2018, the most popular companies in the market. Finally, participating in this event be able to do numerous workshops inside Alexandra Palace. In fact there will be some stands where you can cook, others where you can learn how to produce cosmetics natural directly into the house.There will be plenty of training, you will in two days to be able to find lots of news on vegan world.