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Argital Brand Cruelty free: clay based cosmetics Argital is one of the brands Cruelty free and Vegan Ok, which operate and distribute their products in Italy and around the world. Argital has been working in the cosmetics and care sector since 1979 when the company was founded. Since the beginning of its activity, Argital has…

etre belle

Être Belle Cosmetics

The top of the professional cruelty free cosmetics For several decades now we hear of cruelty free cosmetics. These are solutions that have conquered consumers in the wake of increased sensitivity to the environment and animal welfare. This has led to a major segmentation of the market, which has come to fruition with the emergence…
ilia beauty

ILIA Beauty

The innovative line that respects animals and the environment ILIA Beauty is a brand that is born in Vancouver, thanks to an innovative idea by Sasha Pavslic. Sasha, comes from a family that has always been very involved in the search for biological and natural solutions, starting it from until arriving precisely, to the beauty…

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