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The top of the professional cruelty free cosmetics For several decades now we hear of cruelty free cosmetics. These are solutions that have conquered consumers in the wake of increased sensitivity to the environment and animal welfare. This has led to a major segmentation of the market, which has come to fruition...


How to recognize cruelty free cosmetics

Anyone who purchases cosmetics sooner or later faces the cruelty free argument. But what does this sign mean? Really buying cosmetics with this statement can you save life to animals? In this article we will discuss the subject and learn how to recognize cruelty free products. Cruelty free: what does it...


Cruelty Free and Natural Glazes Nails: What are the best

Many people wonder if there are bio and Cruelty free glazes, the question often arises because the glazes can contain components of animal origin. However, in recent years several companies have found a perfect formulation that can provide to those who want a glaze free of animal components. Enamel is a...


Cruelty Free.

The world of cosmetics without animal cruelty.
Tips and test on Brands and Trends.


Bio & Vegan.

Only natural ingredients. These cosmetics are recognized for their high sustainability without neglecting quality.



Makeup Tips.
Simple and well-explained examples that everyone can replicate for sure.



Reviews and comparisons of cosmetics. Sometimes it is not easy to understand the differences, here you will find all the help you need.


Shopping Guide



The line of “feminist” and cruelty free cosmetics Cosmetics are able to improve a woman’s appearance, to make her feel comfortable with her beauty and with her being. However, Realher does not want to provide a line of products that can make beauty a stereotype unattainable. The purpose is to provide women with an instrument that…



Weleda: certified Natrue brand Weleda is one of the most popular cosmetics in organic and vegan products. Weleda story Born in 1921 as a pharmaceutical lab and an adjacent garden where they cultivated medicinal herbs, today it is one of the most important brands in the production of natural cosmetics and homeopathic remedies. Since then,…

Officina Naturae

Nature Cosmetics and Cruelty free Officina Naturae is an Italian brand with certified products Cruelty free and Vegan Ok. All of its products have not used or carried out animal testing for the use of certain components for the realization of its cosmetics. All the ingredients used were chosen through a specific ethical standard that…

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