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Lush Cosmetics

The line for the well-being and beauty of the body completely Cruelty free When looking for companies that produce completely Cruelty free products without having to check what they are and what, the first name that comes to mind is definitely Lush‘s name. This company, which has been present in Anglo-Saxon countries for a number…


Lime Crime

Lime crime is one of the cosmetic homes that offers vegan and cruelty free products without sacrificing catchy colors and unique packaging of its kind. Who founded Lime crime? Lime crime was conceived and founded by Doe Deere, a Russian girl who grew up in the US thinking about make-up not as a product of…

gala cosmetici

Gala Cosmetics

Let’s discover closely this certified Natrue and CCPB brand Gala Cosmetics  is a must of the industry, and it promotes not only organic and vegan products, but also cruelty free. Gala Cosmetics products Gala Cosmetic  is one of the leading manufacturers in the field to boast of a top-level research lab that each year produces…

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