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Bioearth. Italian Eco-bio Brand

Bioearth is an Italian company is founded in 1997, this is a family business and produces eco-cosmetics organic and natural. For this company it is very important to offer natural products, which provide a clear presentation of all the ingredients used to make a cosmetic,a solar and products for the face and body. Let us…

argonauti cosmetics

Agronauti Cosmetics: Vegan and Organic Cosmetics

There are many vegan brands of cosmetics, but not everyone has all-natural ingredients. In fact to compensate for the use of ingredients of natural origin, many brands choose to opt for chemical components or synthesis. Agronauti Cosmetics is firstly distinguishes for this reason, that is, for his well-being philosophy that involves the use of high…


Alkemilla Cosmetic: Brand Cruelty-free and Eco-bio

Alkemilla Cosmetic is a company that offers a line of rich products, cosmetics every need and inherent beauty of the person is covered by one of the brand’s products. Among its categories we find various sections: Make up Face Hair Body Oils Solar Creams Kids In addition to having a line of many products designed…

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