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Veg Up: Completely Vegan line of Cosmetics

While the cosmetics lines completely vegan and organic appear in greater numbers in Italy, are still a few cosmetic companies that are dedicated to the production of a fully vegan line and eco-bio , these include Veg Up. Veg Up is a cosmetic company which as you can understand from the name alone produces cosmetics…

Flora Bio

Products for wellness and beauty cruelty free Flora Bio is a company that since 1989 produces products for the well-being and beauty of the body, with natural and healthy ingredients, all of its lines from aromatherapy to balsam, creams and bath-foam for the body, Are carried out in accordance with the ethical guidelines that propose…

Sell ​​only vegan and cruelty free products

Many have asked us why we wanted to choose to only sell products cruelty-free and vegan. How many products we use do not know where they came from and what’s in them? Lots! Especially in the world of cosmetics, big companies use scientific terms of chemicals we do not know. We have no idea what they are! Still, many of those ingredients (if not properly reported) has been tested on animals before being used in the product.

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