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NABLA: Italian brand Cruelty Free and Vegan

After so many foreign brands, inside Italian brands of cruelty free and Vegan cosmetics, we found NABLA Cosmetics, this company was created to offer to all its customers a line of effective products, but at the same time safe, natural, cruelty free, vegan and top quality cosmetics. About cosmetic look with these characteristics, you should definitely prefer Italian brands,…


Erbolario. Brand of Make up and Cruelty free Cosmetics

The Erbolario is a 100% Italian brand that was born in Lodi in 1978 as herbal Artisan. Since the early years, the founding family of the brand has always given birth to cosmetics and beauty products with natural ingredients like: aromatic waters, lotions and bath oils of vegetable origin. The Erbolario today is a completely…


Veg Up: Completely Vegan line of Cosmetics

While the cosmetics lines completely vegan and organic appear in greater numbers in Italy, are still a few cosmetic companies that are dedicated to the production of a fully vegan line and eco-bio , these include Veg Up. Veg Up is a cosmetic company which as you can understand from the name alone produces cosmetics…

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