How to get Toned Legs, and without Cellulite with Cruelty Free Products!

The legs are one of the areas that women tend to want to make it pretty thin and appealing to the eye. The reason for this commitment is the fact that nice legs enhance the whole figure of the woman, make it leaner, and your clothes will fit better in...


Vegan Products for children? How to take care of their skin

Children's skin is very delicate, they need a lot of attention and certainly for them it is better to opt for natural products and vegan certified. Children do not need so many products for the care of their skin which is already perfect, but to make him a bath and...


Treat your feet with vegan and natural remedies

Feet are often one of the most neglected areas of the body, especially during the winter. The foot care is essential, however, to avoid pain, dryness, discomfort and itching. The narrow and closed shoes can cause foot problems, but how to treat them and make the foot baths and use...


Cruelty Free.

The world of cosmetics without animal cruelty.
Tips and test on Brands and Trends.


Bio & Vegan.

Only natural ingredients. These cosmetics are recognized for their high sustainability without neglecting quality.



Makeup Tips.
Simple and well-explained examples that everyone can replicate for sure.



Reviews and comparisons of cosmetics. Sometimes it is not easy to understand the differences, here you will find all the help you need.


Shopping Guide


Melvita: eco-bio and fair trade products

The eco-solid and eco-organic beauty products we want to present to you today are those proposed by a French company with ancient roots, which has been able to improve over time and propose more and more organic cosmetic products that could not damage the surrounding environment. This small French company comes from the Ardéche region,…


Gyada Cosmetics: Italian brand cruelty free and vegan

Gyada Cosmetics is an Italian brand that offers various hair products, for their modeling, for volumizzarli or feed them. Natural proposed by Gyada cosmetics are all completely vegan, cruelty free and tested for nickel, and of course Made in Italy. Gyada Cosmetics is an Italian cosmetics line that chooses for its products only quality ingredients…

pettecon cosmetics

Pettenon Cosmetics: idealizes a new line of cosmetics Bio and green

Green cosmetics is a field increasingly expanding. By now every girl and woman has in her various beauty products organic beauty and benefits, which do not affect the health of the skin and especially do not involve harm to the environment. Every day there are new companies launching vegan cosmetic lines and made only with…

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