Ybiok: Vegan cosmetics becomes Biomimetics

Biomimicry is a science that studies the natural biological systems by emulating their forms, the mechanisms of action and their processes. Through biomimicry it is possible to use natural resources to create cosmetics that meet the beauty of the skin. This innovative process is employed by Ybiok in its research and development laboratories, which have led to a real revolution in the world of cosmetics.

Ybiok employs the principles of biomimicry science to formulate cosmetics that are innovative and highly functional system that nourish the skin and improve the skin condition and beauty.

Ybiok: Vegan formulating


Ybiok plans for its cosmetic formulations that can create a complete harmony with the biological structure of the skin. Employing new technologies in the field of cosmetics can mimic the natural physiological processes of the cutaneous system.

All formulations of Ybiok line VeganOK comply with the rules. In fact, the company has managed to get the VeganOk certification for its entire line of cosmetic products. The VeganOK certification is the first in Italy, whose staff consists of vegans who have this lifestyle and who want to ensure the quality of products proposed for this community at heart.

So all Ybiok products are vegan and contain no animal ingredients or were carried out tests on animals to test the final product or its components.

Ybiok: the first biomimetic line in Italy


Ybiok is the first biomimetic line in Italy,its cosmetics are revolutionary and include creams that are identical to that of the skin, so the structure can be considered as formulations that truly meet needs of the skin.

Its products are highly tolerated by all skin types, even by those who have a very sensitive skin and who need specific creams. Thanks also to the biomimetic,the Ybiok creams and its components fail to act deep in the skin layers, they nourish the hydrolipidic film and leave no trace of greasiness.

Ybiok: because his creams are effective?

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Both those who are vegans or those looking for a natural cream that can meet the skin’s physiological structure, can employ Ybiok cream.

All Ybiok products have been clinically tested to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product. Clinical tests also were not carried out on animals, but the tests were carried out in specific laboratories without the use of guinea pigs.

Besides not contain components of animal origin, Ybiok also contains ingredients similar to sebum biomimetic, without allergic substances and tested also from the center of Cosmetology University of Ferrara.

The goal of Ybiok fact was to create products with a silky and delicate texture and enveloping fragrance that they could give all their customers of the health conscious, and to guarantee the maximum functionality and pharmaceutical dermatology.

Ybiok therefore is a vegan line of cosmetics that can actually make your skin more beautiful and free of imperfections.