Argan Oil: vegan product for the health of the body, hands and face

The Argan Oil is among the natural elements that most of all allow us to take care of the beauty of the body, face, hair and hands. The Argan oil is obtained from fruits of the same name, the term for this tree, it also brings a very deep meaning. In fact, the Argan tree in Italian would be called tree of life.

The Argan tree grows only in Morocco, mainly in the lowlands of the south west. For this reason, the oil extracted from this plant is very little and rare and therefore it should be used very sparingly.

Today this oil is used more and more in cosmetics products to create benefits for the body or the hair. This oil has a very peculiar smell, the one used in cosmetics is very clear since it is cold-pressed. The Argan oil properties are so many to enhance the skin condition, even in the deeper layers without that appears greasy after use.

What are the properties of Argan oil for body and face

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The Argan oil has different properties, first of all this oil is elastic and allows for a more toned, smooth, soft and radiant.

Managing to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, this product is ideal to be able to improve the elasticity but also the resistance of this external agents.

This oil combined with other ingredients natural allow Argan to better express his qualities both of body care, of the face and hands.

When using natural and vegan products with Argan oil, it can improve the hydration of the body and improve the overall appearance of the skin. During the winter, this product eliminates cracking on the hands, the face and the rest of the body, regenerating the skin and eliminating dehydration.

Products Argan oil

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There are many different products with Argan oil that allow hydration of the skin and body and improve their health. Not all products with Argan oil, however, are vegan, cruelty free, some even contain chemicals that damage the skin instead of improving it.

The products of Atelier Naturae in line Arganoil,are ideal for improving the state of the skin and to get all of this oil miraculous benefits.

In the proposed line of Atelier Naturae you can find the cream for the body, hands and face. Each of these creams allows for a more beautiful skin, soft and regenerated. In addition, the body lotion can be used to make rejuvenating massages, and nourishing. In fact, the fatty acids contain positive fats such as omega 3 and omega 6, which are valuable for cell renewal.

The products Argan oil of Atelier Naturae proposed are safe and ideal for all women who want to devote themselves to the beauty of their body, face and hands.

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