Bio Cosmetics: how to recognize them?

Organic cosmetics are joined for a while of time between the choices of the consumer.
Recognizing them, however, is not always easy, because of the deceptive wording printed on the labels.
Read this article and you will understand how not to be fooled by the manufacturers.

Bio Cosmetics and Legislation

Unfortunately, organic cosmetics, unlike organic foods, do not have a single regulation to follow and respect to be able to certify their products. In fact, there is still no law in Europe that defines the standard well.

There are currently several certification authorities, each with their own standards and values, which offer voluntary certification to cosmetic manufacturers who want to become part of the organic sector.

A law would be the right solution to put an end to the confusion that surrounds consumers. In this way not only Italy, but the whole European community, would have standard values to follow, as at present every certification has its limits and different percentages with regard to the ingredients derived from accepted organic farming.

Recognize Bio Cosmetics

The lack of regulation of the industry unfortunately makes it always difficult to distinguish between organic and classic products. One of the tools that supports consumers is the trademark of certification companies in the label.

Online All Certified Companies have clearly outlined their principles so you can easily understand what the product is talking about. In the rescue of the consumer comes also Biodizionario, a kind of book of cosmetic ingredients that helps you to clearly understand the INCI.

Obviously more restrictive are the values ​​that must be met by certification, the higher the quality of the product. For example, some standards require a minimum percentage of organic ingredients to define the “bio” cosmetic. Unfortunately, though there is no community law, the margins of deception are very high.

Technology is now available for smartphones and tablets for various applications by analyzing the list of ingredients present in a mandatory label by law, so to tell you which substances are banned and whether the product is truly biological and according to which standard has been tested.

The benefits of using organic cosmetics

The use of organic cosmetics, brings the same benefits as eating with organic products. True, food is introduced into our body as a source of nourishment through nutrition, how can a cream or a skin lotion make the same benefits?
When you spread a product or come into contact with the skin, it penetrates inside it by nourishing the body, which assimilates the substances present in the cosmetic.

If we use creams or products rich in chemicals, it will result that the body will assimilate these substances. In addition, the lack of chemicals reduces the impact on the environment without contributing to the irreversible process of ecosystem destruction.

Fortunately in nature there are plenty of plants and flowers that can make the same benefits as animal or laboratory ingredients. So why not opt for bio cosmetics, thus not only respecting the environment, but also our skin? The market offer is vast, there are products for all needs, in price ranges now accessible to everyone!