How to Tan Skin Better With Vegan and Cruelty Free Products

The summer is coming and definitely are already thinking about tanning! So if you want a really ready to tan skin you need to take care of it and prepare it for summer in the best way. When the skin is too dry, and dead cells are the master is difficult to tan so perfect, which is why you need to take care even now. Not only externally but also internally.

1-Hydrates the skin: Drink more!

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The first thing to do to moisturize the skin and make it more beautiful and toned and ready for the summer season is certainly drink more.We all know that drinking at least two liters of water a day is good for the body, but do not limit yourself to water. To eliminate cellulite, drain and tone the skin and make it more beautiful and hydrated you should drink during the day also draining of natural herbal teas.teas Herbal to the tea tree, or herbal tea with fennel and birch. So before thinking about the external skin care, hydrate inside and drink more!

2-Make ready the skin to tan: orange fruits and vegetables

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Fruit and vegetables orange as we know it contains carotene, this allows a better tan and faster. So to prepare the skin to intense and even tan begins to incorporate into diet fruit such as apricots, peaches, tangerines, and oranges. Also, opt for rich in carotene vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.

3-Healthy and rich in minerals supply

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Whenever it by a board of health at the base there is a healthy diet.It is so even if you find a way to better tan and faster. In fact, choose a diet rich in vitamins and minerals you need if you then want to get a’ deep tan and no stains.

4-Hydrates the body and removes dry skin

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The only way to hydrate your body and eliminate dry skin and choose to make a scrub at least once a week. In fact, when the skin is not dry, dehydrated able to tan, so be prepared with a scrub and moisturizing creams vegan and cruelty free is the best. So if you want to tan you have to treat your skin with a product for the Scrub Ongkara as proposed by Etre Belle.This is an exfoliating body cream ideal for vegans, in fact, inside there are no ingredients of animal origin or processed on them.

5-Make a proper facial cleansing

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In addition to eliminating the dry skin from the body with a specific scrubs,to be able to tan to better and obtain a golden color even on the face,it is possible to opt for the mask to the face of 7 heaven vanilla , cocoa, honey and shea butter a cruelty free product ideal for making the skin soft and radiant face. Even the facial skin should exfoliate, and needs to be treated constantly to make it ready for sunlight.

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