Japanese Make Up Routine

The Beauty routine we know how important it can be, but have you ever wondered how the Japanese maintain over time a skin that is always white, beautiful, toned and young? The Japanese are real masters in this and do not remain young only thanks to a diet rich in positive fats Omega 3 and Omega 6, but also thanks to their perfect Beauty Routine.

Inside the Japanese Beauty routine, there are seven steps that make their skin always beautiful and perfect. The book or better manual that has chosen to reveal it is Seven Japanese beauty rituals, written by Elodie Joy Jaubert and that inside teaches how Japanese women can show at least 10 years less. The merit of their beauty is precisely a specific technique called layering or layered.

In short, Japanese women follow a beauty routine, which involves the care of every single area of the skin of the face, naturally, they also prefer natural products and cosmetics that can nourish it thoroughly. The proposed order is repeated both in the morning and in the evening, in this way we obtain a lasting beauty effect over time.

1) Removing Make with oil

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Japanese women to remove makeup the face, but also in the morning before you start washing, apply the camellia oil. The oil is ideal to deeply nourish the face and make it more beautiful, soft and young and above all is able to eliminate makeup, sebum, and impurities. If you do not have camellia oil you can choose to use sweet almond oil or olive oil.

2) Cleansing the face with a natural product that does not dehydrate the skin

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After applying the oil it is necessary to use a natural product that can enrich the skin, and make it more beautiful and clean. We recommend the detergent foam with hyaluronic acid from Etré Belle.

3) Use a skin tonic

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Once you have better cleansed your skin, you must try using a lotion or rather a tonic that can make the skin more beautiful and naturally firm and hydrated.

4) Choose a serious anti wrinkle

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To avoid wrinkles, Japanese women use anti-wrinkle serums in areas that can be affected by this problem such as the eyes and lips.

5) Eye contour

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A very important area for the health of the face is the eye contour. Lightly applying a product for the eye contour to dark circles or anti-wrinkles is necessary to obtain a more beautiful and young face. We recommend the rose oil Mosqueta of Flora.

6) Face cream

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The cream must be applied both in the morning and in the evening. We recommend you the day cream and that night with hyaluronic acid from etre belle.

7) Care of the lips

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Finally, to conclude in beauty, do not forget to use the lip balm, to nourish them and avoid dryness and chapping.