Lush Cosmetics

The line for the well-being and beauty of the body completely Cruelty free

When looking for companies that produce completely Cruelty free products without having to check what they are and what, the first name that comes to mind is definitely Lush‘s name.

This company, which has been present in Anglo-Saxon countries for a number of years, has recently also come to Italy to propose its numerous Cruelty free products accompanied by a vast range of Vegan products, recognizable by Green V on each product that does not contain ingredients Animal origin.

Lush Cosmetics is one of the few manufacturers of body and beauty care products that has created whole lines to meet any need of both those who fight vivisection and animal testing and for those who follow Vegan’s life philosophy.

Currently their products are present in two different stores in Milan, or you can buy them comfortably online from their official website.

Lush Cosmetics: The Cruelty free lines for beauty and body care

Lush’s products are divided into five main categories that propose each one for your industry, all you need to feel beautiful even using natural products, vegan and cruelty free.

For those who are vegan, however, it is advisable to check what vegan products are and what they do not, to recognize them, however, will only suffice to see if they have imprinted vegan V or less.

Lush Cosmetics catalog

Body Line: Within the Lush Body Line, you can buy different skin care products and beauty. Among these we find: bath foam, detergents, solariums, body creams, hands and feet creams, deodorants and soaps.

Hair Line: In this you can find innumerable hair care products such as shampoo and cruelty free vegan and vegan, definitely to try is the solid shampoo and Vegan solid balm, ideal for those who want to travel with them. Among the other hair products, we also find different Henna hair dyes that are ideal for vegans too. Finally, there are several hair masks and styling products.

Face Line: Within this category, Lush focuses on the beauty of the face, providing herbal products and other natural ingredients, even in this case you can find everything you need to take care of the face from creams, masks Up to toning and moisturizing creams.

Make Up Line: One of the favorites especially by vegans but also by those looking for cruelty free products. Makeup products are one of the most difficult to find because often vegan and cruelty free lines are very scarce. By Lush, however, you can find all the products to create your own makeup for any occasion from foundation to foundation, up to the ideal for lips and eyes makeup.

Line Perfumes: The last line proposed by Lush is dedicated to perfumes, these are also fruity and based on natural flowers and herbs, some are also Vegan.
Surely Lush is one of the best brands on the market for the wide range of Vegan and Cruelty free products for body wellness and beauty.