Tea Tree Oil: Properties and Uses of this Eco-organic Ingredient

The Tea tree oil is an extract derived from the Melaleuca plant. This eco-organic and natural product can be used for the preparation of various natural products and especially for the production of cosmetics eco-bio and cruelty free.

Once, this ingredient, was used by the East Australian Aboriginal population, for medical purposes, its main use, in fact, provided for the application of oil to treat wounds and skin lesions. This also has other advantages in the medical field, in fact is also used in aroma therapy, and its active ingredients are ideal for improving the passage of air through the nasal mucous membranes. Today, however, the Tea Tree oil is used mainly for the creation of natural cosmetic products.

Tea Tree Oil: masks and facial creams


With Tea Tree Oil can create different masks and facial creams. We usually find in the highly concentrated formula, for this reason, before using it for the masks and creams do it yourself, it is best to dilute it in a vegetable oil (such as olive oil) when you buy this essential oil,, or use it along with other organic and natural ingredients.

To prepare a face mask that would eliminate points blacks and pimples and keep the skin clean, you can use tea tree oil along with the aloe gel,or with Shea butter, with clay or other oils essential. An example of a very good mask for the skin is the one with: 50 ml of Aloe gel, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 50 grams of white clay. These ingredients mixed together, they are able to act as lightening and purifying gel. They can also help to eliminate points blacks and pimples.

Tea Tree Oil: hair products


The Tea Tree Oil is an eco-bio ingredient rich in active ingredients to combat dandruff and to get more hair clean, soft, and strong. To prepare a good tea tree shampoo,you will need: organic natural soap, water, essence of lavender and tea tree oil.

The bio natural soap, you can find in any biological or online store, while the essence of lavender can be purchased in herbal medicine, such as tea tree oil. When you have bought all the ingredients to prepare the strengthening shampoo tea tree oil you will need:

Dissolve the soap in a double boiler, add the water, the essence of lavender and tea tree oil. Let the mixture cool and then use it as a regular shampoo.

To make a mask for strengthening hair, you can also take the shea butter with almond oil and drops of essential oil of Tea Tree. Mix together and spread the product on the tips, let stand for five minutes before rinsing the skin, with an eco-bio shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil: for healthy and clean teeth


To strengthen teeth and gums, you can mix the tea tree oil toothpaste. Put very careful not to overdo the oil, just a drop in the toothpaste to get whiter teeth and healthier gums.