The 5 best Vegan Concealers to make the perfect face!

Nowadays everyone loves appear fresh and young,men who pretend to criticize their wives! No coincidence that virtually all correctors using them. Creams, powders, or those discrete -in stick- also use them to eliminate the gentlemen from overwork dark circles!

Why choose a concealer “vegan”? Because you will be sure that to become beautiful (and beautiful!) You did not suffer any animal with scientific experiments, for the uninitiated, they are also made to test the beauty products. You will have the confidence that not exploring smearing on your skin parts of the poor animals. And you can be sure that he respected the environment one hundred percent, and you can be sure to buy products healthy!

And if a vegan concealer is already a nice idea, let alone a choice of five. And it is important that all bear the words “eco-bio” or “cruelty free” or both, although Council still seek OK VEGAN word which is the best guarantee of fairness in this choice. The checker at the end serves to give our skin the natural color but healthy that erases dark circles, bags, wrinkles, pimples but also aesthetic and anti imperfections. It is certainly essential but not enough to require animal sacrifices, even of a single hair!

What are the 5 best vegan concealers ?

Among the best correctors vegan we announce LOCK IT CONCEALER CREAM of Kat Vond company, great product very pigmented with 21 shades and the assurance of staying covering over 24 hours. Costa 26 Euros, you can on the web and it is easy and convenient to apply thanks to its shape with built-in brush that allows you to perfectly follow the contours and angles of the visa.

Another great product, but perhaps more suited to the young, it HIDE AND SEEK Snow Cosmetics: given the absorptive capacity fits in best with imperfect skin of adolescents and young people, it also has some nice packaging, apply with a sponge dabbing and cheap ( 8.90 Euro).

Complicated name NAKED SKIN Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer but famous company – Decay- for this concealer from 26 Euro which as the name implies (naked skin = bare skin) to offer the ultimate in perfection with very natural effect. It adapts very well to the skins with spots, various imperfections, because it has different coverage gradually and lasts longer when applied. Different is SUBLIME of Pure Bio,correction fluid (from 8.90 euros), which spread on fair skin makes them the natural color, without at the same time distorting (excuse the pun) the complexion. It can be applied with its brush with a sponge but also any, provided clean and suitable to the kind of product.

The Erbolario proposes the perfecting, a concealer with a classic shape, affordable price (11 Euro). It has only two shades available but the effectiveness guaranteed by the action of extracts of Japanese and African Ximenia bamboo in addition to covering make the skin soft and fresh. Allergy, free of fragrance compounds, much appreciated by the people of the web.