The Beneficial Effects of the Mask Cucumber

The cucumber is a vegetable that can be used for facial beauty, to nourish it and fight a few blemishes. The cucumber is traditionally used in cooking but it is also one of the best ingredients to succeed in creating a nourishing face mask.

The cucumber fact has enormous benefits related to its composition and the content of vitamins and minerals. The cucumber is used as a decongestant, it is useful to be able to reduce enlarged pores, eliminates the clarity that usually forms on the forehead and nose, also the cucumber is very helpful to be able to fight inflammation, irritation and eliminates blacks points and pimples.

What are the properties of cucumber

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Cucumber is known to be rich in water but not only. This type of vegetable is rich in amino acids, mineral salts and vitamin C, all of these components are perfect for nourishing the skin and make it more beautiful and bright. The cucumber is also rich in sulfur, this mineral salt is considered good for the skin, also is a component known to make skin less oily.

The sulfur contained in the cucumber is able to have other positive effects on facial skin, manages to lighten dark spots on the face that may arise due to the sun and the negative effects of UV rays. Sulfur finally allows to soothe sunburn and redness resulting therefrom.

For this reason the cucumber can be very helpful in making the skin more toned and beautiful skin.

The cucumber advantages against dark circles

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Cucumber is known for its properties against dark circles, in fact often use slices of cucumber and place themselves on the eyes while doing a beauty mask. To eliminate dark circles must cut the cucumber slices not very thick, and then these should be placed on the eyes and let stand for at least 15 minutes. After they have done, rinse the eyes with cold water to be able to notice how dark circles have dissipated and sunny.

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With cucumber you can easily create different face masks against oily skin. If you have any problems of sebum and acne, then you should try to create a refreshing mask and against oily skin. To achieve this you’ll have to do a centrifugal cream with fresh cucumber, then you should add to this a plain yogurt and a bit ‘of lemon juice. After creating the mask with these simple ingredients, you’ll have to leave it on for twenty minutes and then rinse your face with cold water.

The cucumber to treat sensitive skin

Risultati immagini per cetriolo bellezza

Care for sensitive skin and eliminate redness’ll have to use a cucumber and whip with a cold centrifuge. After creating a cucumber mousse add some shea butter or almond oil. The action of the cucumber along with that of shea butter is an excellent remedy against redness and against sunburn.

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