What are the best Italian Cruelty free brands?

Even in Italy you can find several brands that have chosen to get recognition Cruelty free and therefore not to use products that have been tested on animals. Also, to do not to sell cosmetics in countries where animal tests are required for sale, such as in China.

Brand Italian Cruelty free: what are the best?

Among the Italian brand Cruelty free you can find brands that are primarily concerned with the creation of http://www.fashionablyours.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/animal-testing.jpgother cosmetic products which instead have chosen to expand their catalog with products also for the welfare of the person.

Let’s see what are the best Italian brand Cruelty free:

Bottega Verde: this brand for several years has chosen to make its line of cosmetics with ingredients completely cruelty free. Besides being very careful with the use of ingredients Bottega Verde cosmetics not tested are also rich in natural ingredients and benefits for the skin and body beauty. 

The Erbolario: this is another Italian brand much loved and his line is completely Cruelty free. Among the best products of the company we are definitely: shampoo, conditioner and products. skin care

Naturae Workshop: as can be understood from the name, the privileged ingredients within its cosmetic products are completely natural. In the catalog you can find several cosmetics from ideal for personal care, to those dedicated to cosmetics.

Snow Cosmetics: an Italian company which is mainly engaged in the production of cosmetics for make up is Snow Cosmetics. In its catalog you can find: eye shadows, blushers, face powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye pencils and lip. Besides these, they are enriched by several natural ingredients and benefits.

Immagine correlataTea Nature: a trademark maybe not well known,but it deserves to appear in this list for the naturalness of its ingredients and the choice not to use components that can be tested on animals. Tea Nature is not just a cruelty-free brand but produces countless products that correspond to the standard vegan.

Where to find the Italian brand Cruelty free?

The Italian brand of Cruelty free products can be purchased through various channels. For example Bottega Verde cosmetics, they are available not only in physical stores, but can also be ordered directly through the catalog that is brought home from the local representative.Other brand insteadhttps://crueltyfreebeautycom.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/cruelty-free-beauty.jpeg of selling their products through the stores that are devoted to cosmetics BIO and only some of these can also be found in supermarkets.

Prices of Cruelty free products are suitable for all, these cosmetics in fact in some cases they may also have a lower cost compared with more famous brands but use ingredients tested on animals. Choose Italian brand and cruelty free allows not only to give preference to Italian products but also to avoid vivisection of many animals that otherwise might be destined for laboratory tests. Finally, all the Italian brand Cruelty free use mostly natural ingredients and benefits.